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Well, it seems as if Dear Leader Barack Hussein Obama has struck yet again. He has insulted our greatest ally, Great Britain. How? Let’s count the ways.

– Obama Dishonors Lady Thatcher: Lady Margaret Thatcher (and others, including Prince Charles and Prime Minister Tony Blair) attended Ronald Reagan’s funeral in June 2004. But Obama failed to reciprocate, sending instead a US representation more fitting of third world thugs to Lady Thatcher’s funeral. Instead of coming himself or sending Vice President Joe Biden or Secretary of State John Kerry, Obama sent former Secretaries of State George Schultz and James Baker, former U.S. Ambassador to Britain Louis Susman, and (the only current Obama administration official) U.S. Charges d’Affaires to the U.K. (and acting ambassador) Barbara Stephenson. It seems that Obama, et al, are “too busy” pushing gun control to attend the funeral. A US Embassy official said that it’s “a busy week in US domestic politics.” Is that a sorry excuse, or what? The MSM tried to spin Obama’s snub by saying he sent “only Reagan administration” people to Thatcher’s funeral.

And, the Democrat-controlled US Senate tried (unsuccessfully) to block a resolution honoring Lady Thatcher. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), (of Dominican Republic hooker and travel fame), Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair, objected to some of the language proposed by Republicans. Further, Democrats wanted to “black out everything but a few lines acknowledging her service as prime minister.” Said Katherine Rosario of Heritage Action For America: “To refuse to honor a woman of such great historical and political significance, who was deeply loyal to the United States, is petty and shameful.”

– Obama Returns Churchill Bust: A bust of Sir Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, by Sir Jacob Epstein, was loaned to George W. Bush from the Great Britain art collection after the September 11, 2001, attacks. That same bust was returned to the British soon after Obama was elected. Great Britain offered to let Obama keep the bust for four more years, but Obama said: “Thanks, but no thanks.” The bust, as of February 2009, was in the home of British Ambassador to the US Sir Nigel Sheinwald.

As if the bust removal was not insulting enough, Obama had Dan Pfeiffer, on July 27, 2012, on the White House web site, post “He [Charles Krauthammer] said President Obama ‘started his Presidency by returning to the British Embassy the bust of Winston Churchill that had graced the Oval Office.’ This is 100% false. The bust is still in the White House. In the Residence. Outside the Treaty Room.” Well, Messieurs Obama and Pfeiffer, the Churchill bust WAS removed from the Oval Office, as Pfeiffer’s post indicates. Further, the British Embassy itself said that Krauthammer was correct, that the bust was moved to Shewinwald’s home in 2009.

– Obama Gives Russians British Missile Secrets: In an effort to appease the Russians, and to get them to ratify the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Obama approved giving the Russians serial numbers of every Trident missile sent to Great Britain by the US. Why is this important? First, the information undermines British nuclear secrets by telling the Russians exactly how many Trident missiles Great Britain has. Said professor Malcolm Chalmers of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI):

“This appears to be significant because while the UK has announced how many missiles it possesses, there has been no way for the Russians to verify this. Over time, the unique identifiers will provide them with another data point to gauge the size of the British arsenal.”

Second, the information was not Obama’s to give. Even though Great Britain refused, the Obama administration lobbied, in 2009, for permission to give the Russians detailed information about the performance of British missiles. The US response: it supplied the serial numbers of Trident missiles it transferred to Great Britain. Third, Obama’s action borders upon, if not is, treason as outlined in Article III, section three of the US Constitution. Obama managed to insult this country as well.

– Obama Sides With Argentina Over Falklands: In 1982, PM Margaret Thatcher sent the British military to reclaim the Falkland Islands from an Argentinean invasion. The reclamation cost 255 British lives. In 2010, the Organization of American States, of which the USA is a member, called for “… the ‘need’ for UK and Argentinean talks over who owns the Falklands.” The voice vote on the resolution was unanimous. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in June 2012, said: “We would like to see Argentina and the United Kingdom sit down and resolve the issues between them across the table in a peaceful, productive way.” What issues, Madame Secretary? And, the Obama administration continues to refer to the Falkland Islands as “The Malvinas.”By the way, the Falklands residents voted in March 2013, to remain British by a 99.8 percent margin. I guess that Hillary, ever the champion of self-determination, conveniently missed that vote.

– Obama Denigrates “Special Relationship”: Robert Gibbs, in February 2009, said “The United States and the United Kingdom share a special partnership.”   [emphasis mine]   The word “partnership” was not a mistake. An official close to the Obama administration said: “A partnership is a business arrangement based on what you can do for Obama, not a relationship like a marriage that thrives through thick and thin until death do us part.”Even though Obama tried to overcome that faux pas, the British will not soon forget what Obama really thinks of the “special relationship.”

– Obama Gives Queen Elizabeth II iPod With HIS Picture and Speeches: Besides being insulting, this “gift” was just plain tacky. But what else could we expect from Obama?

– Obama Gives British PM Brown CDs: Also in the “insulting and tacky” department, Obama, in 2009, gaveBritish PM Gordon Brown a set of 25 CDs containing “classic” American movies. What’s most insulting is that Brown could not even play the CDs

The above is but a partial list. Just how much more can Britons take is a question that now must be asked.

Why does Obama continue to insult Great Britain? One speculation is that Obama is retaliating for what he says the British did to his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, when Great Britain suppressed the Kenya Mau Mau uprising between 1952 and 1960. Obama wrote in Dreams from My Father that Hussein Onyango Obama was unjustly detained by British colonists in Kenya for six months before being released a crippled, lice-ridden “old man.” The only problem with Obama’s claim is that it is completely false.

So, where we now? There is no doubt that Obama has and continues to insult our greatest ally. The reason he continues the insults may be that Obama believes his own lies. Why else could he be so delusional?

In the interest of full disclosure, I have several friends in Great Britain, and have traveled the entire country extensively on several occasions. The British people are very subdued, nice, and polite (stiff upper lip, and all). But I personally think Obama is trying their patience. I also find his actions to be quite insulting.

But that’s just my opinion

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