Posted by Curt on 17 April, 2013 at 5:31 pm. 122 comments already!


For now, we must stay ever vigilant.

Meanwhile after the loss Obama showed the emotion we expected of a leader after Newton, Boston, Benghazi…but never got. I wonder why?

Given his record, there’s every reason to believe that what’s really bothering him is the fact that red-state Dems denied him an easy chance today to demagogue Republicans as the party of child murder or whatever, which he was hoping to use next year as a way to retake the House. Then, once he had a Democratic Congress again, he could pass some new horrible permutation of ObamaCare or immigration or the minimum wage or some other liberal wishlist item that has nothing to do with gun control. Just like in his first term! That’s what he’s mad about, that a political bludgeon was essentially taken out of his hands before he had a chance to use it to achieve unrelated goals.

Poor widdle President Stompy Foot.

This angry little man is the man we don’t see behind the scenes. He cannot tolerate dissent, cannot tolerant anyone who doesn’t agree with him…in short the definition of a bad leader.