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To piggyback a little with CJ’s earlier post I wanted to highlight an organization that deserves some attention called Troops Direct.

They are a non-profit organization that helps out our troops in Afghanistan and other areas where our troops our on the front lines by supplying them with essentials that are either overlooked or in short supply:

  • When our servicemembers were drinking impure well water pumped out of the ground in 130 degree heat, TroopsDirect shipped over 50,000 units of hydrating drink powder.
  • When medics in a combat zone were waiting over 4 weeks for additional stretchers, stethoscopes, syringes and gauze from their own military supply lines, TroopsDirect filled their request for help in less than 3 hours.
  • When several units had no protein in their diets and were eating less than one meal a day, TroopsDirect was there with over 5 tons of nutritional supplements, energy bars and protein powder.
  • When one battalion was resorting to using bottle caps to mark where land mines were emplaced, TroopsDirect was there with over 50 cases of chalk powder for marking these areas and saving American lives.
  • When our troops were going over a month without bathing or brushing their teeth, TroopsDirect was there with over 10,000 packets of body wash & 2000 tubes of toothpaste.
  • When one unit was waiting over 12 months for parts to fix a broken down generator, TroopsDirect acquired and shipped the needed parts. IN 72 HOURS.
  • When an elite team was deploying from the U.S. to a critical ‘hot spot’, TroopsDirect got them all the requested items that were unavailable to them here in the States. OVERNIGHT.
  • When an infantry unit of 150 servicemembers was without gloves and replacement socks in the dead of winter, TroopsDirect shipped a full resupply of these items.

CJ is having the organization on his podcast tomorrow night at 8:45pm EST…so if have time give a listen.

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