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Gasden Flag

So I had about 325 miles to drive home Friday night, plenty of time to do a little pondering. Here’s what I have come up with… we better get ready for the battle of our lives, for our country. Before you liberals get your panties all in a wad, follow along for a few minutes, and I’ll tell how I have come up with this.

With days to go before Obama got elected in 2008, he made one of the few honest public statements he has ever made when he said he was going to fundamentally change this country. The libs didn’t listen. He also said he wanted a civilian security force as well trained and funded as our military. Again the libs didn’t listen. He won the election and began his mission. He appointed a ton of czars and advisers, making the obvious effort to circumvent the balance of power by ruling through regulation instead of governing by legislation. The libs didn’t notice. Congress didn’t seem to notice either, even though the Executive Branch began gaining weight and tipping the scales.

He nationalized two of the three car companies, then focused on the banks. Then he forced Obamacare upon us, who really knows what’s buried in that bill. The stimulus was next, and continues since our government is still running without a budget. He captured control of the energy industry after an unintentional drilling disaster which he turned, somehow, into a criminal act.

He arbitrarily decided to take us to war in Libya without any approval from anyone (more on that later) in direct contradiction to the Constitution. Nobody called him on that effectively, he basically said “we went ’cause I said so…” He put troops on the ground in North Africa without approval, nobody noticed. His gun control mission started a long time ago, and again he doesn’t answer for Fast & Furious, executive privilege? He passes a message to Putin about how much more “flexibility” he will have after the election. Again he capitalizes on yet another tragedy to push his disarming of America agenda (the Brit’s tried this here too, a couple hundred years ago), he knows an unarmed America cannot resist tyranny.

I don’t need to dive into Obama’s history very far to understand that even if he was born in the USA (I have my doubts), he was not raised as an American, he has made that clear. Neither was his wife, or Jarrett for that matter. So obviously, they don’t put any credence into our traditions and principles. And I know I have left out a lot of “accomplishments” by Obama and company, I have been just hitting the highlights.

And the key to this puzzle might be in Benghazi. Not just the way it ended, with the deaths of four Americans, but with the entire mission there. And what did he threaten 30 survivor/witnesses, and their families and friends with, to assure their anonymity and silence. I can’t think of any other “secrets” so well protected (other than Obama’s ultimate plan). For example, the Bin Laden mission, details leaked from day one; the computer attack on Iran and many other things that would have been kept from the public eye. Yet the entire situation in Benghazi is still a mystery. There lies the keys I believe, and the only reason I can think of for such successful secrecy is the possibility that probable cause exists for arrest on the charge of treason, at the highest level and downward. Has the White House turned into a cover for a Continuing Criminal Enterprise?

I have not applied conjecture or opinion into this conclusion, just looking at facts, indisputable facts. At the facts indicate to me we have a government in place that is directly and intentionally taking us away from the principles our country was formed upon; I understand a little more about how our forefathers felt leading up to the revolution.

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