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angry eagle

A couple of years ago, on a warm summer night (around the 4th of July) my (then) 16-year old son and his friend took my shotgun out to the backyard to shoot at some 1-liter soda bottles filled with water.

Now, my house sits on a 22-acre lot, and 10-acres is the requirement for hunting on one’s own property in my State, so a resident of my home is not violating any law if he shoots a legally obtained gun on his own property. (And my son does have a hunting license, even though it’s not required in this case).

So the kids fired about a 1/2 dozen rounds, gleefully cheering each botthe they “exploded.”

Then they came inside and went to the basement, where we store our guns in a locker behind the bar, and started cleaning the gun.

Well, the next thing I hear is a loud knock on the door, and then “OPEN UP. THIS IS THE POLICE!” and before I could get out of my chair, my door was forced open and two SWAT Team members were in my house, pointing (take a guess, begins with “Bushmaster”) rifles at ME!

Now, a lot of other things happened that night, but none of it really bad (except for my rights being violated in 6 areas that my lawyer dug up), and the original complaint received by the local police was (And I quote) “There are shots being fired and LOUD SCREAMS coming from the house down the road.”

Yes, there were shots. Yes there were screams. OF JOY! After hitting the targets, on property where such activity IS ALLOWED BY LAW!

And now, compare THAT experience with the RIDICULOUS ADVICE given by our Liberal VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! (And then come here and comment on who’s nuts, and who’s the sane citizen, who of course got screwed again by liberal policy).

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