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This piggybacks onto my post yesterday perfectly. The lengths our MSM goes to to protect this President, unlike any other President, is just plain disgusting:

During a panel discussion on Tuesday’s NBC Today about the White House releasing a photo of President Obama skeet shooting to dispel doubt about his claim of doing it “all the time,” co-host Matt Lauer worried about the precedent that had been set: “So like releasing the birth certificate a year or so ago, this is the next step, that now the President always has to back up his words with proof?

Lauer’s concern seemed to follow administration talking points perfectly. On Sunday’s Today, correspondent Peter Alexander reported: “This weekend, the White House tried to shut down the doubters. The President’s former senior advisor [David Plouffe] even referred to those who still question where Mr. Obama was born. [Image of Plouffe Tweet] ‘Attention, skeet birthers. Make our day – let the photoshop conspiracies begin!'”

On a side note Ace writes about the tendency of Conservatives to shoot themselves in the foot with these sorts of things:

Obama claimed to shoot skeet “all the time.” This claim is obviously a lie. Until this photo was released, we had zero reports of him shooting skeet, and zero photos of it. In his entire life I think this might have been his only reference to shooting skeet.

Now, given that, I think it’s plainly untrue that he shoots skeet “all the time.” Things one does a lot become naturally associated with one, because one is, again, doing it “all the time.”

Thus, attacking Obama’s untrue statement — and his intended manipulation of the public, suddenly declaring himself, in effect, to be a “gun guy,” with all this skeet shooting filling up his days — would have been a slam dunk for us.

But we didn’t do that, or at least enough of us didn’t do that that the slam dunk eluded us. Instead, we put our chips on the proposition that he never shot skeet at all, not once, not ever, and now the media is basically running with the story “Obama wins again; Obama told the truth.”

Consider how easy it is to win on the proposition that Obama does not, in fact, shoot skeet “all the time.” And consider how easy it is to lose on the question of whether Obama has never once in all of his life shot skeet.

Consider that proof of a single incidence of skeet shooting tends to win the question for us if we advance the first proposition, and lose the question for us if we push the second. Also consider how unlikely that is– I’m not a gun guy either, but if you push the “You’ve never, ever fired a machine gun” proposition against me, you lose — I shoot machine guns “all the time.” (By which I mean, as Obama apparently did, “once or twice” in my life.)

Instead of pushing the attack that was most difficult for Obama to falsify, we pushed the attack that was most easy for Obama to falsify.

But that’s neither here nor there. I have no doubt he shot a shotgun once. I also have no doubt this is a contrived photo and one done for the sole purpose of shutting up gun advocates who were belittling him for his lack of gun prowess.

But I also have no doubt that we have strayed into dangerous territory when a member of our media is aghast that our President needs to back up what he says with proof. Are you freaking kidding me?

Of course our elected officials need to offer proof of what they say. The public should take them at their word for only the sole fact that he was elected to represent our government?

They didn’t during Watergate.

But they did during Benghazi-gate

What has become of our media?

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