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I’ve intentionally avoided this topic since it seems almost every possible angle has been explored, and everyone has some solution that will leave one side angry and for the most part, the other side unsatisfied. What nobody seems to be looking at is a real solution, that can only be found if we strip away all of the rhetoric and look at the fundamentals of what each side really wants:

Conservatives: The right to directly protect themselves, their family, and property from those who would do them harm.

Leftists: The right to indirectly have themselves, their family, and property protected from those who would do them harm.

Yes, both sides’ arguments are far more complicated but I think that both of my statements are at the root of almost all of the debates. So why not find a solution that satisfies the needs of both sides?

We have plenty of housing developments being built in this country – why not begin designating some as gun free communities? And if there is enough demand for these communities we could incorporate gun free townships. The predominately leftist Washington, DC area already has nearby two such planned towns in Columbia, MD and Reston, VA. This would be a perfect region to start another. This would place all of the anti-gun crowd in an enclave where they know that none of their neighbors will be armed with guns, save for local law enforcement. To see if such a planned community could work I would place one other caveat: the gun free zones would not be allowed to have any additional police protection beyond what other communities have. To see if such an experiment could work we need to have an apples to apples comparison. Naysayers would argue that places that already have strict gun laws, like Chicago, DC, or New York have such problems because guns already exist in those communities. Here is a chance to start from scratch. Finally, there is no longer any worry that your neighbor might be one of those crazed gun nuts! And I have a feeling that your gun owning neighbor won’t shed too many tears when you leave.

Given the historical effectiveness of gun free zones, or countries, in declaring such zones to curb violence, what could possibly go wrong?

Here is a chance for the anti-gun left to get what they truly want – freedom from accountability for personal safety while ensuring that lethal force is effectively monopolized by the state. And it can be done in a way that doesn’t restrict the freedom of others. After all, the proponents for gun restriction’s motive is helping people, not controlling them…right?

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