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Oh how those Tea Party rubes are fouling the well-oiled political gears of Washington D.C. Have you heard of their latest shenanigans? Truly scandalous, and Republican Rep. Steven LaTourette does not like it one bit. Not even a smidge.

What was the infraction that had earned them LaTourette’s scorn and label “Chuckleheads”? It is best we let Rep. LaTourette explain it himself:

“I don’t know what the number is but say the number is 40 out of 240 – that’s not a repudiation of his (Speaker of the House John Boehner) leadership. That’s the same 40, 50 chuckleheads that all year … have screwed this place up. And he has done everything in his power to make nice to them, to bring them along, to make them feel included, but it hasn’t mattered,”

This was LaTourette’s response to a question about the failure of Speaker Boehner’s ‘Plan B’ from being brought before congress for a vote. 40-50 “Chuckleheads” who in LaTourette’s estimation are preventing Speaker Boehner’s from enacting a plan to save the United States from the precipice of the “fiscal cliff” all agree the country is heading for. Why would 40-50 conservative renegades band together to prevent the saving of the economy of the United States? Is it an evil plot to overthrow Speaker Boehner and destroy the country?

No. It is because this band of “Chuckleheads” know Speaker Boehner’s ‘Plan B’ is just a political ploy that does nothing to fix the immense financial problem that the United States will soon find itself in. ‘Plan B’ does not fix the problem, its real purpose is to avoid being blamed when Speaker Boehner and the Republican Party eventually fold to President Obama demands for more spending. ‘Plan B’ is nothing more than a soft-lob returned back to Democrats to be spiked in the face of the American tax payer on the Potomac Political country club tennis court. Neither side, Republican or Democrat, want to make the hard choices needed to prevent an economic meltdown, after all they created it. Tax payer money to them is free slush fund to pay off lobbyists and industry insiders for their campaign contributions and a carrot on a stick dangled in front of voters promising “free” goods and services to be paid for by someone else. The only loser of the game is the taxpayer in the stands.

We, as taxpayers, should be cheering on and thanking the Tea Party “Chuckleheads” for not being willing participants in this dishonest political game where the score has already been decided. The “Chuckleheads” are doing exactly what many of them were elected by their constituents to do: stop the spending, cut the dead weight, and fix what is wrong in Washington D.C. If that earns them, and those who agree with their defiant stance , the label of “Chucklehead”, I say we wear it proudly The only way stop the well calculated insanity in Washington D.C. is when the Chuckleheads Unite!

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