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Following the tragedy in Newtown CT liberals have been falling all over themselves spreading blame. They have targeted the NRA and video games.

The insufferable airheads of Inside Edition and Entertainment Tonight have the tragedy all figured out.

Meanwhile, new details are emerging about what might have driven Adam Lanza over the edge.

Published reports say Nancy Lanza went on a vacation to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire, enjoying gourmet food and being pampered at the spa.

She checked into the luxury resort at 12:10 pm Tuesday, December 11 following a five-hour drive from Newtown, Connecticut. She stayed there for three days, and checked out on Thursday, December 13 at 12:27 pm, the day before the massacre.

20-year-old Adam Lanza was back in Newtown during those three days in the words of one headline: “Home Alone To Plot A Massacre.”

It was all because of a mini-vacation. Yikes.

Of course, one obvious and significant part of our violent culture was left untouched by these dopes.

Movies. Hollywood.

Hollywood has contributed mightily to the decay of American culture. We used to have White Christmas, now we have Reservoir Dogs. We used to have Mary Poppins. Now we have Kill Bill. Hollywood has coarsened our culture. It has desensitized kids to senseless murder and senseless violence.

Let’s examine just how much Hollywood has glorified death. Here is an accounting of the deaths that occur in movies courtesy of Movie Body Counts.

Movie Deaths

Rambo, First Blood Part II 67
Gladiator 77
Kill Bill 95
Once upon a time in Mexico 99
Aliens vs. Predators: Requiem 115
From Dusk Till Dawn 122
Dawn of the Dead 131
The Wild Bunch 145
Chronicles of Riddick 187
Bullet in the Head 214
Hard Boiled 307
Kingdom of Heaven 610

and the king of death:

Lord of the Rings (Return) 836

227 have died in Sylvester Stallone movies, 412 have died in Wesley Snipes movies, 322 have bought the farm in Josh Brolin movies and 726 have been killed in Gerard Butler movies.

The highest death tolls for single characters are:

150 Ogami Itto (Lone Wolf and Cub:White Heaven in Hell
141 Smith (Shoot ‘Em Up)
118 John Preston (Equilibrium)
103 Topper Harley (Hot Shots! Part Deux)
96 Tetsuo (Akira)
87 Rambo (Rambo)

There is a top 100 horror movie death scenes site. Some of the reviews:

“Finally, as the suspense climbs, and she enters the kitchen investigating a noise, we get a tension breaker with a cat jumping thru the window. But when Alice opens the fridge to get the cat some milk, she finds the decapitated, rotted head of Mrs. Voorhees, a dreadful sight, and before she can really let loose a scream, a new killer plunges an ice pick into the side of her skull!”

“The other three barely make it out of the car in time as the train plows into it causing a major crash, objects flying everywhere, and a road sign plummets towards Billy and rips his head right off!!! This one borders on pure cheesiness as Billy’s body staggers to the ground but it is still worth the punch it packs!”

“So young teenaged Judith is kind of skanky and slutty, as she ignores her younger brother, even making him trick-or-treat alone, in favor of entertaining her equally white-trash boyfriend in her upstairs bedroom. Judith’s death scene in the original Carpenter masterpiece was quite memorable as we see it through the killer’s eyes, sans Halloween clown mask, but Zombie made sure this sequence of Judith’s death would be quite memorable as well. Judith is stabbed repeatedly over and over by her younger brother, while instead of a clown mask, he dons the classic white mask that came to be known as the face of Halloween, early on as it was a mask that Judith’s boyfriend Steve taunted her with just before their bedroom tryst. Zombie even inserted the classic “stalking” tempo music from the original film as Michael follows a bloody Judith down the hallway, stabbing her again and again until she finally takes her last breath! Just to recap, this sequence is brutally horrifying!”

Be sure to take the young ‘uns.

There is even a site for the Top Ten Tarantino death scenes. You’ll have to find that one on your own.

For all of the whining about guns by TV and movie stars they certainly don’t shy away from their own profiting on death. And there seems to be no end to the desire for them.

A search for gory dearth scenes yields 800,000 hits.

Want blood and guts on TV? There’s CSI, Criminal Minds and the endlessly hemorrhagic True Blood.

Speaking of True Blood, Yahoo just slobbered all over the death scene of a 9 year old.

Death Scene

Hopkins told The Hollywood Reporter about his death scene. “It really surprised me because I didn’t think that I was going to be a traitor on the show.” Hopkins’ time lasted just three episodes on “True Blood,” yet his death scene was one of the most memorable.

Hollywood is as much if not more responsible for a culture of death and murder as is anything else. The NRA doesn’t teach anyone to kill kids, let alone anyone else.

Movies and TV do. Put the blame where it belongs.

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