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She didn’t have a weapon and she didn’t herd her kids like sheep to be killed in a corner; Sandy Hook first grade teacher Vicki Soto, showed remarkable courage and resourcefulness in a face to face encounter with a homicidal maniac. Don’t forget that name, Vicki Soto, she refused to go by stupid guide lines when confronted with evil, she hid her children and stood alone to face evil.

A friend posted this picture of Vicki on her Tumblr page where she said she had talked to her on Tuesday “and she told me she loved her 16 angels and never wanted to let them go.” She added: “Today when the shooting started Vicki hid her kids in closets and when the gunman came into her room she said the class was in gym. She was then murdered. Not one of her students were harmed. Words can not express how heartbreaking and tragic this is. I will miss you dearly.”

Her Sister Learns of the Loss of Vicki

She took the bullets to save her 16 angels. She wasn’t thinking of outrageous pension demands by moronic union thugs, she made the ultimate sacrifice for her children. The 27 year old hero stood to face the murderous cowardly bastard Adam Lanza and paid for her selflessness with her life, but her first graders are spending this evening with their families because of the actions of this heroine.

Besides being a hero, she was an outstanding citizen.

Soto lived with her parents, her sisters and a brother in Stratford, Conn. Home was a modest Cape Cod-style house in a blue-collar neighborhood. She was single, doted on her black Labrador, Roxy, and was a regular worshiper at the Lordship Community Church in Stratford.

Her mom, Donna, has worked as a nurse at Bridgeport Hospital for 30 years. Her dad, Carlos, is a crane operator for the state’s Department of Transportation.

Vicki, as everybody called her, was the apple of her father’s eye. And it was left to him to formally identify his daughter’s body.

Soto had been teaching at the school for five years — and was adored by her students. She called them her “angels” and delighted the little devil in them by sometimes chewing gum in class, which all the kids knew is a no-no at the school.

Soto had already been teaching five years. Her students were her angels. She sometimes amused them by chewing gum in class, to make light of school policy. Tonight, she is with real angels. Please let their be a God to comfort and thank Vicki Soto.

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