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Despite its own insistence that it is very much alive, the Republican Party has now joined the crowd invisible. The sad pathetic truth of its demise is that those who once believed in it, and cared deeply for it, are no longer around to bury it with dignity. Its corpse has now become the dancing play thing of Washington D.C. consulting firms and lobbyist.

The most ironic fact of the Republican Party’s death is that it was not a showdown at high noon on Capitol Hill that killed it. Nor a rare exotic virus that provided the mortal blow. It was killed by something very common in society and usually not fatal in Washington D.C… It was done in by a severe allergic reaction to the truth.

There has always been one thing Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partyers, Constitutionalists, and Social Conservative could always agree on. We all agreed in one basic primary principle. The principle of less government and even less spending. That very basic principle was the glue that held all these factions together under the Republican Party tent. Recent events paired with a close look at the Republican Party’s actions over the course of fifteen years have now exposed that the Republican Party has been living a lie. They are not for less spending and smaller government. The foot of the Republican Party has always been just as heavy on the pedal to hurtle our great country off the financial cliff shooting out into space as the Democrat Party. The only difference is that elected Republicans have been pretending to be innocent kidnap victims of President Obama and Democrats, being forced into going along for the ride.

The current Republican Party Establishment is not the victim of the main stream media clouding their message of the benefits of spending cuts. On other issues that is surely the case, but not this one. The reason the Republican Party fails to articulate the primary virtue of less spending and small government effectively is because it does not believe in the words that are coming out of its mouth. It is a lie they are forced to say out of political necessity, not because of some deeply held belief.

The Republican Party’s primary concern for a while now has been to deliver tax payer money for lobbyists and consulting firms who represent the industries that fill the campaign war chest. Erick Erickson at RedState delved a little into the incest problem here. These consulting firms are the middle men. The paper bag carriers. The mules. The blood sucking mosquitos. They are the ones who make the promise and make sure the Republican candidate delivers. They are in fact the buffer between corporate Washington D.C. Insiders money and the Republican politician’s conscious that allows them to sleep at night thinking they are as clean and pure as a bowl full of freshly poured Clorox.

The curtain that once protected both the Republican and Democrat party’s shady alliances from public view has now become threadbare thanks in part to the World Wide Web and Google searches. The conservative voting public is now finally getting a full view of what is going on behind the curtain and the ugly truth it once had hidden.

The truth is that we all have been watching a low budget, but highly expensive ticketed production of World Wide Wrestling. The Republican Party once was a billion dollar steroid infused vein popping behemoth hero in a red mask fighting for a smaller government who always seemed to get pinned at the last second by the Democrat Party, the other billion dollar steroid infused behemoth in blue tights (who fought for an even larger government) due to some trickery or unfair sportsmanship in the political ring. But long before the match had taken place we now know both political wrestlers and the consultant promoters representing them were at dinner together, at some posh restaurant that no one in the audience would be able to afford or get reservations to, clinking wine glasses and smoking after dinner cigars laughing at how easy it is. The prize money already distributed and spent, the outcome already agreed upon and scripted. All that was left was the show.

As long as the audience was still paying for the tickets, spending money at the concessions and buying t-shirts both the Democrat and Republican Party were raking in the money. Those days, unfortunately for the Republican Party are now over. The people who cheered them on and paid hard earned money to see their Red Masked Avenger have finally started to realize they have been played more times and harder than a fiddle at a Bluegrass festival. In despair most dropped their foam fingers and twrilly towels and headed for the exits. They were not even around when the guy in blue tights delivered what was scripted to be a pretend third buckle high elbow drop to the throat. Though it was scripted, the elbow drop was not pretend.

Now the Democrat blue tighted devil and his followers are laughing all the way to the bank with a stop at the Oval Office. They were never playing a part in this violent political theater. They were playing for real. More importantly they never had to dupe their fans to get their adulation. All they had to do was make sure they kept their fan base’s pockets full of money for hotdogs, beer, and free cell phones and they would always have their fanatical cheering little minions. They knew all along that this would be the outcome since the Republican Party agreed to take part in their l money making vote securing little ruse.

The Republican Party however did not die in the ring that night. It was rolled out on a stretcher, shoved into the back of a waiting ambulance, and driven to the hospital. It eventually recovered, but never regained its former fans or glory. Dejected and led by even less competent promoters, it had a hard time finding a gig, and in its weakened depressed condition it eventually succumbed to an allergic reaction to the simple truth. A waste of a party and a sad un-heroic way to go.

You can still see the Republican Party if you want to. It is now a carnival attraction in Washington D.C… Lobbyists and consultants have pumped it full of a millions dollars’ worth of embalming fluid, tied strings to its hands and feet and now make it dance the Potomac Jig for a few fans and donors who still believe that its better days are ahead even though its conservative soul long ago departed this world. Eventually even these die-hard fans will not be able to stand the stench of corruption and decay and will find some other sideshow to gawk at. The consultants will most likely dump its body in some dirt road ditch once every ounce of usefulness has been wrung out of its corpse.

All that really remains is for the Republican Party now is for someone to write a forced glowing obituary of what it once had been.


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