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Obama is “urging” Netanyahu to stop any planned ground invasion of Gaza…I'm hoping Netanyahu told him to get bent:

Though President Obama uttered immediate and firm public and private assurances that Israel has a right to defend itself from rocket attacks emanating from Gaza, administration officials have been privately urging Israeli officials not to extend the conflict, a move that many American officials believe could benefit Hamas.

A protracted escalation, the officials fear, could damage Israel’s already fragile relationships with Egypt and Jordan at a time when both of those governments have been coming under pressure from their own populations.

Yes Prime Minister, please ignore the hundreds of missiles launched into your country. They really aren't hurting anybody right?

And for what? To “save” relationships with countries that want to see you obliterated from the face of the earth?

You gotta be kidding me.

This President and his policies have helped to completely destabilize the middle east and as a result Israel is completely surrounded:

Libya is supplying Hamas with the most advanced weaponry it's ever had

Iran's Green Revolution was crushed by the Mullahs with the tacit approval of Barack Obama

Egypt — an ostensible ally of the U.S. and Israel — was thrown under the bus by Barack Obama, ceding control of the country to the erstwhile Nazi-aligned Muslim Brotherhood

Algeria and Tunisia are likewise aligning with Al Qaeda

Jordan, Israel's last regional ally — is also about to fall

• And Turkey, once a secular and stabilizing force in the Middle East, is now succumbing to a radical brand of Islamism. Even better: it's a member of NATO

Israel is surrounded.

Israel understands this better than anyone. Calling up 75,000 reserves shows the world that they are prepared to go to war, on two fronts, if need be. The last war with Hamas they buy cheap generic cialisrticle.aspx?id=292272″>only called up 10,000. You think they understand how different the landscape is now thanks to Obama?

Stratfor believes the second front, Iran and Hezbollah, isn't willing to do battle just yet tho:

Though Iran would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the spectrum of its militant proxy strength, especially after supplying Hamas with the long-range Fajr-5 rockets that have been targeting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Hezbollah will likely be extremely cautious in deciding whether to participate in this war. The group's fate is linked to that of the embattled regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad; should Syria fracture along sectarian lines, Lebanon is likely to descend into civil war, and Hezbollah will have to conserve its strength and resources for a battle at home against its sectarian rivals. Indeed, Hezbollah has already been preparing for such a scenario by seizing control of villages along the Orontes River Basin in order to maintain connectivity with Syria's Alawite community.

Makes sense when all they have to do is to keep re-supplying Hamas anyways:

Lebanon's Al Akhbar, a site associated with Hezbollah, reports that Hezbollah is in contact with Hamas to replenish its arsenal of long-range rockets that has been reportedly decimated by Israeli airstrikes.

The report says that on Friday an alert was sounded in the ranks of Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. It was raised towards all those who know how to smuggle weapons from Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Sudan and other countries to the Gaza Strip.

During the first hours of the fighting, there was communication between Hezbollah and the terror factions in Gaza, especially Hamas, to determine the size of the damage done to the stores of long-range missiles. Lebanese and Palestinian terror groups along with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are working to supply groups in Gaza, in anticipation of a prolonged battle. According to the report, the focus is on the transfer of large amounts of long-range missiles.

But all hope isn't lost. Obama is just a phone call away to “urge” Israel to capitulate…er, I mean to promote a cease fire:

Israel is currently negotiating a cease-fire with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to take effect later in the night, sources told Channel 2 on Saturday night.

Egyptian President Mohamad Morsi gave credence to the report, saying there are “some indications” of a cease-fire in Gaza, but that there were not yet any guarantees.

…The agreement is backed by Turkey, Qatar, Egypt and the United States, according to Channel 2.

Oh wait:

…[Hamas leader Khaled] Mashaal, according to the sources, set his movement’s conditions for a cease-fire. These include an Israeli pledge to stop “all forms of aggression, including assassinations, and lifting the blockade on the Gaza Strip.”

More red lines for Israel it seems…ain't gonna happen, shouldn't happen.

“The world tells Israel ‘wait, there’s still time.’ And I say, ‘Wait for what? Wait until when…Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have a moral right to place a red light before Israel…”
Prime Minister Netanyahu

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