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Obama’s existence is an ongoing euphemism waged by the apologists of American Media. Using the crude format of argument best described by the Greek term epiplexis (using shame and the threat of being labeled a dunce if you don’t accept the argument) we are in a constant barrage of nonsense designed to confuse and humiliate us for not grasping the illogic of Obama logic.

The Benghazi Debacle is the latest and perhaps the most flagrant example. For instance, we know Obama is fascinated with the mysticism of the enlightened east, not that he really wants to live under the tyranny and oppression of the Islamic State, but he is definitely lost to an adolescent romantic illusion of the dogma.

Thus he can be at war with al-Qaeda and supply them with weapons, he can decide on a whim that Ghaddafi needs to be deposed and send our most technical war machine to help with the assassination and anal rape of the ruler who once called Obama his son.

Now that the Muslim Brotherhood’s dream of a caliphate throughout the Middle East is nearly complete, with Syria the next secular state scheduled to fall; Obama is basking in his dreams of being a statesman for the Muslim State, facilitated by the Muslim Brotherhood, but for him, it is the grand spirituality of the process that compels him to be statesman for the Muslim Brotherhood. The fact that they are homicidal psychopaths is immaterial to Obama; they are mystical Islamics and the approaching climax of a dream that for Obama that is emotive and irresistible.

Like many religious figures who have had less than pristine private lives, the act of convincing others to seek an enlightened path is far more rewarding and much easier than a true self-journey of enlightenment. The romance of the spirituality is the focus for the leader.

Obama, like the fundamentalist Muslim, sees Americans leading a decadent lifestyle, a lifestyle he happens to enjoy, but feels the ever-present emotion of guilt for living this immoral lifestyle of the West. To relieve these feelings of guilt, he weakens America by catering to the soft belly of sloth and corruption. To those disaffected members of society who won’t or can’t participate in the American dream, he awards power and the result is a weakening of the moral fabric and a corrosion of the American spirit.

Working as an equation that must retain equilibrium, while weakening America, he must build strength among our enemies with weaponry and technology. Mysteriously, our most technical drone flies to Iran and makes a perfect landing. A great strategic advantage has now been sacrificed to one of our most virulent enemies, now Iran boasts of drone capabilities. Presumably, only a select few people have access to this drone arsenal and fewer still have the ability to fly the drone over international borders, but we can’t seem to locate the perpetrator.

Iran is four years closer to building their nuclear capabilities and our comedic Vice President Biden assures us that they don’t have a delivery system and it is silly to worry over the possibility. However if we have traitors willing to fly a drone into Iran, it is logical to assume we will allow the same traitors to hand over a delivery system. In Obama’s unimpressive intellect, they are “the good guys”; therefore, it is righteous to help them with Jihad, especially with their hostility toward Israel and the U.S., for they are mystical and we are decadent.

Not that he is an active Muslim, but like the American Christian who gives money to the church but doesn’t participate, relying instead on the assumption that it is better to maintain a relationship with God and church, just in case things become grim.

In other words, Obama could do a great service to Allah by delivering the Western people for conversion and still enjoy life until he too had to convert fully; since the destruction of Western decadence is essential to spiritual enlightenment.

Would Obama ever admit he was an agent for Islam? Hell no, literally, his life is based on lies.

If Obama is reelected, we can expect to see a repeat of the last four years with renewed energy and no pretenses of traditional American loyalty. Our military and economic resources, will be primarily exhausted on the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate controlling the Middle East and branching out to “evangelize” the rest of the world.

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