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Watching men die, while locked in a state of indecision or having dubious motives that prevent you from sending in available assets that could have saved these men, is one of the most heinous acts of cowardice and malfeasance ever perpetrated by a sitting American President. For seven hours, the Obama Administration sat by and watched brave Americans fight for their very lives, but if the administration had its way, the death toll would be thirty instead of four. Adding to our disgrace is the fact that within 500 miles, there were several sources of help that could have changed the situation and saved some, if not all the Americans who were killed.

The morning after this tragedy, a glorious celebration of blood and death for al-Qaeda, our president lied to the American people and the relatives of the fallen. He blamed an obscure video no one had ever seen or knew existed as if the blame was to be shared by all Americans and our love of freedom, for reasons that are becoming more dubious and circumspect as facts continue to materialize, despite the efforts of the administration, the state directed media, and our cowardly Republican legislators to cover-up the president's pathetic response to this atrocity. There is still an ongoing effort to cover for him and keep the public from knowing the truth before the election.

Our president’s impotence, dithering, and fear have become America’s image as a nation of cowards throughout the Muslim World and the Muslim Fanatic realizes they have little to fear from Obama’s America for transgressions against Americans or American interests.

We have for the first time in our history an American Idol type president. The perfect patsy for those who wish to harm America, they know our president’s first reaction to a tragedy exemplified by the loss of an ambassador by terrorists is to fly to Vegas for parties with celebrities before the bodies have cooled. This may be heartwarming to the people who watch American Idol, but for most who have sworn an oath of allegiance to this gr

eat country, it is an assault to our dignity and pride.

President Obama, through a concentrated effort, has managed to make a bad economy much worse and has weakened our stance in the community of nations with his dubious sympathies with the Muslim World and the Muslim Brotherhood. He has neglected the United States and its once dynamic economy; an economy built upon the tenets of free enterprise and free markets to replace it with this Statist philosophy:

“If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It's just that it will bankrupt them.”

“Under my plan … electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Steven Chu, Obama’s Energy Secretary has said it will be one of his goals to get gasoline to the price levels of Europe, $9.00/gallon.

Now, a few days before the election, the devastation of using academics with no real-world experience or business savvy to run the most powerful economy in the world has become all too obvious to even our least literate citizens who are not Socialists, our president has suddenly had an epiphany; maybe oil production, pipelines, and renegotiating the 50% decrease in oil leases on public lands his administration brought about, might be a good idea for the economy, but are we to trust him, those Americans killed in Benghazi might have some advice for you on this idea of trusting Obama.

Many of us recognized the symptoms of a malignant narcissist soon after Obama assumed the office of president; with all the bluff and bravado so typical of the narcissist, he boasted of being able to fix the economy in four years, he failed and the rest of us have suffered. Remarkably, Obama is aware of his failure; however, the jets, the helicopters, the big house, the big parties with the celebrities are too much to give up just because he has been an abject failure.

He needs four more years; not because he can do anything practical to help the economy or any one group of Americans, he just likes the life of being The President. It’s a perfect job for a malignant narcissist; especially now, that we know he is absolutely incapable of doing anything useful.

On Tuesday, you can continue to function in the sometimes lethal fantasies of Obama or you can chart a new course for America, the course that once allowed us to be prosperous and safe.

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