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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told American women she is tired of listening to them whine; actually, she said she can't stand them to hear them “whining.” If they had the wherewithal to marry a president, they could finagle jobs like Senator of New York and Secretary of State. Oh, but they insist on making bad choices in life and then whining about those same bad choices.

Hillary knows about bad choices, as Secretary of State it is her responsibility for the security at diplomatic posts like Benghazi. That debacle went to Hell in a hand basket, but you don't hear her complaining. Hell no, it is full speed ahead to the next disaster.

In an interview with Marie Claire, Hillary dumped on American women who make poor choices with career and family, and frankly, she is tired of listening to them complain about having no options.

“I can’t stand whining,” Clinton told Marie Claire. “I can’t stand the kind of paralysis that some people fall into because they’re not happy with the choices they’ve made. You live in a time when there are endless choices. … Money certainly helps, and having that kind of f

inancial privilege goes a long way, but you don’t even have to have money for it. But you have to work on yourself. … Do something!”

In the presidential race, women are turning away from Obama; Hillary figures her interview and opinion will help this trend, but we are left asking whether she is trying to drive women away or bring them back to Obama.

With a huge staff, a woman's work is much easier, but Hillary neglected to mention her staff, she talked about extremely successful women to inspire millions of frustrated women and give them a false sense of hope.

“Some women are not comfortable working at the pace and intensity you have to work at in these jobs. … Other women don’t break a sweat. …They have four or five, six kids. They’re highly organized, they have very supportive networks.”

Hillary stated once again, that she doesn't plan to run for the presidency in 2016; although, after her performance in the Benghazi debacle, her candidacy is an academic point at best, but why is she trying to ruin Obama's election chances?

Disclaimer: Hillary is responsible for the grammar and syntax in her quotes; however, this is a minor problem for the most intelligent woman in the world.

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