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Make what you want with it. But H.R. 6566 Mass Fatality Planning is indeed an actual bill in committee. Seems most likely it won’t see the light of day. However I can’t help but to take pause.

The timing is a bit ominous considering Homeland Security recently bought 1.4B of ammo and then another 2oo million in sniper rounds (not too mention other govt agency purchases). For perspective, I went back ten years looking for Internet noise about DHS ammo purchases, here’s what I found.

  • In 2009, 200 million rounds purchased
  • 2008 nil
  • In 2007, 200 million rounds purchased
  • In 2006, 1,280 pounds of ammunition, silencers, machine gun assembly kits purchased
  • In 2005, a five year contract to procure up to 65,000 SIG SAUERs was awarded
  • 2004 nil
  • 2003 nil
  • 2002 nil

The recent 1.4B purchase is a huge unprecedented outlier for the agency. Allow me now to juxtapose the above with this current Swiss news article. It’s google translated so pardon, but the point remains clear. Switzerland (one of the most neutral countries on the planet) is creating and mobilizing four NEW military police battalions in anticipation for future unrest. The badly translated headline, “Switzerland is gearing up: In case of emergency exercises are possible threat scenarios played out. VBS chief Ueli Maurer does not exclude that the army in the next few years is used.” The point: bureaucrats and gov’t agencies the world over seem to be preparing for something.

Does the potential DOOOOM equal a Mad Max style apocalypse, pfft no. The State will always exist; it’s not going away. However, Camden and Detroit are vanguards to potential outcomes and prime examples of worst case scenarios if we drive over the fiscal cliff or shit hits the fan – any future crisis will reminisce to something like the Argentinian economic collapse of 2001.