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They Comfort Each Other Over The Deaths They Caused

The White House, aided by its state-directed media, feels it has no responsibility to tell the American people the truth; in fact, everything we hear from the Obama Administration is filtered through a propaganda process, until it is judged to be beneficial to President Obama.

The official White House account of the Benghazi terror attack suggests it happened because, there was no “actionable” intelligence to suggest the consulate office was in danger.

Apparently, the Red Cross seems to have a better intelligence team than the United States.

According to the Washington Post:

Security in eastern Libya deteriorated sharply in recent months. A string of attacks, some linked to fundamentalist groups, made clear that Westerners were no longer safe. The International Committee of the Red Cross suspended operations and evacuated staff in the east after an attack June 12 on its compound in the port city of Misrata. In Benghazi, convoys transporting the U.N. country chief and the British ambassador were attacked in April and June, respectively. The British government shut down its consulate soon afterward.

The U.S. outpost had a close call of its own June 6, when a small roadside bomb detonated outside the walls, causing no injuries or significant damage. But the Americans stayed put.

Hilary and Obama Try To Organize Their Lies AsThe Bodies Of Americans Slain By Terror Arrive Home

The Red Cross realized the severity of the situation and pulled out. The British realized the danger and pulled out. Our State Department decided we could stay without increasing security.

The Red Cross and Britain aren’t headed up by BHO, after his Cairo speech of 2009, the people of the Middle East love him; at least, Obama’s confidence seems to be predicated on this assumption, despite a bomb being detonated earlier this year outside the same consulate office. The Obama State Dpartment made no effort to meet the strict safety standards for government buildings overseas, nor they post a Marine guard as is customary in high-threat situations.

A U.S. military team assigned to establish security at the new embassy in Tripoli, in a previously undisclosed detail, was never instructed to fortify the temporary hub in the east. Instead, a small local guard force was hired by a British private security firm as part of a contract worth less than half of what it costs to deploy a single U.S. service member in a war zone for a year.

How did the Obama administration respond to the threat that drove other westerners out: he continued to use cheap British contractors, who employed local unarmed personnel. The year-long contract was for $387,413. It is interesting to know how much value the Obama administration places on its ambassadors and embassy personnel. Valerie Jarrett had a Secret Service detail with her in Martha’s Vineyard. Ambassador Stevens had unarmed locals in Benghazi.

The New York Times offers up this tidbit of carefully timed and released inside information from the White House:

An effective response by newly trained Libyan security guards to a small bombing outside the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi in June may have led United States officials to underestimate the security threat to personnel there, according to counterterrorism and State Department officials, even as threat warnings grew in the weeks before the recent attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

The guards’ aggressive action in June came after the mission’s defenses and training were strengthened at the recommendation of a small team of Special Forces soldiers who augmented the mission’s security force for several weeks in April while assessing the compound’s vulnerabilities, American officials said.

“That the local security did so well back in June probably gave us a false sense of security,” said one American official who has served in Libya, and who spoke on condition of anonymity because the F.B.I. is investigating the attack. “We may have fooled ourselves.”

The compliant media and Obama’s narcissistic personality have allowed our State Department to underestimate our alive and well enemy, al-Qaeda and its terror network. The Obama administration did the rope a dope on themselves and Americans died, but the celebrity parties and fund-raisers in Vegas and general merriment for the Obamas continued on unabated.

It is this opening paragraph of the NYT’s article that brings a chill to Americans who are not in ecstasy of their free Obama phones with 250 minute of subsidized airtime:

…even as threat warnings grew in the weeks before the recent attack that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Oh my, we were told there was no actionable intelligence. Actionable is the caveat, for it leaves an escape mechanism for Obama and his dupes to lie and obfuscate. They will say the intelligence wasn’t strong enough to warrant precautions. Therefore we were forced to lie outright and tell the American public that the attack was a spontaneous demonstration that progressed to the point people pulled out their RPGs, automatic rifles, and mortars to join in the excitement.

But there was no actionable intelligence; especially, since we neglected to act.
The situation is under investigation by the FBI, but they have not arrived on the crime scene. It has only been three weeks, but someone found Ambassador Stevens’ diary and CNN ended up with it, and they have had a unique and candid look at the situation, just as al-Qaeda has been able to peruse the confidential documents and the names of our Egyptian spies.

For some reason of security, the White House claimed repeatedly that an obscure movie caused the attack, thus the president and Hilary were able to bare their souls apologizing to the Muslim world for the American Constitution and freedom of speech, until the whole world was aware of the pathetic film on You Tube. Yet, it was an excellent opportunity for the president to point his finger at Romney and blame him for jumping the gun and exposing the lies too early. Unfortunately for Obama, Romney is not one of the lackeys of the MSM. But Obama and his state-directed media kept the pressure on Romney for eight days as the failure of Obama’s Middle East Policy became more obvious with each day.

As the Obama narrative becomes the butt of jokes and while the families of the slain Americans are in the depths of their grief, the FBI is still having problems finding the consulate, perhaps they should ask one of the news teams or use Google Maps.

Obama has managed to deflect public outrage, but Americans are waking up and seeing the president in his own Rope A Dope mess of lies and deceit. Will it matter to a public that is in rapture over a free phone and cellular minutes? No, not in the least, but to literate Americans capable of independent thought, he is being seen as a scoundrel and a dope.

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