Posted by Skook on 26 September, 2012 at 10:45 am. 54 comments already!

There is comedy in every tragedy and tragedy in every comedy.

An Obama voter swallowed the hype and hoax and manages to interviews herself from a time warp; she isn’t impressed.


How many Americans are willing to look into the mirror and ask whether they should be on medication for being so gullible four years ago.

The real tragedies of life consume us in an inarticulate manner; at least, we feel that way, after feeling so stupid for walking into an obvious trap so blindly, to be hurt so crudely, by mindless acts so devoid of meaning, by people so utterly lacking in style, grace, and substance. Their vulgarity and credulity consumes us as if they are a brute force of overpowering barbarity; but in the final analysis, it is we who gave them this pretense of competent leadership by which they trapped us so securely. With dramatic effect we rage to express our indignation and outrage; sadly, the dry humor of this sad comedy mocks us; for we are the players or actors of this sublime tragic comedy and we have written our own script.

There is one way to rid ourselves of this dismal disaster, vote him out of office.