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Stalin Creates Famine And Havoc By Seizing The Harvest For Redistribution, Seven Million Ukrainians Starved To Death

Romney committed a major gaffe when he figured 47% of our people are on the dole and will never vote for him. Indeed, I think he has made a major mistake; a mistake that hardly registers in comparison to the ongoing gong show of the Obama administration.

However, when we consider the number of working Socialists, Communists, union drones, academics, sycophantic college students, and celebrity voters; we have a demographic far larger than Obama needs for a majority.

When we analyze this 47%, it is easy to visualize the countless victims of the Obama economy, a demographic of unknown size. They are the ones who are not willing to sell their birthright and dignity to ride on Obama’s Gravy Train. They want desperately to reclaim stature, dignity, and achieve their personal dreams. Like the fighter who knows to catch his breath during the mandatory eight count, they plan to accept Obama’s Chump Change only long enough to get back on their feet and regain their strength.

They pray for an end to this phony Jobless Recovery that only seems to benefit Obama cronies: they want the opportunity to put everything on the line once again or maybe for the first time in the case of the young who have not had an opportunity for the American dream. They don’t need a soothing hand on their brow and Barrack’s monotonous, lilting cadence with those irritating lisping “S” sounds telling them to relax and trust in the Democrat Party, and to remember to vote early and vote often.

Many Americans only need to survive the next two months of the Obama anti-business economy, and until it is over, they have families to feed. You see there is a subtle method to Obama’s benevolence. It has been used many times before by several Leftist leaders.

During the 1932-33 period, the Ukraine was a wealthy farming region with land owners and the diabolical people who hire others. Stalin hated these people who refused to accept his totalitarian rule and after the fall of ’32 harvest, he told the Ukrainians he had to collect the harvest to “Redistribute” the wealth. The grain was collected and shipped out of the Ukraine, leaving the people to starve. Leaders and those who owned land or hired others were executed.

Controlling food and imposing economic hardship makes those who supply the means to survive seem like benevolent leaders to those who are just barely surviving. Some people can’t see through the ruse, but there are millions who can see through Obama’s plan of providing the means to survive to win over loyalty. Is someone a hero who destroys the opportunity to make an honest living, but provides you with the means to survive or the implied threat of taking it away.

Obama figures he has created the largest demographic, the welfare demographic; but many people are in this group through circumstance not choice. It looks good on paper and there are many who are more than willing to become a mob for the president, many consider the Occupy groups to be nothing more than mobs. Yet they are but a small subgroup of the 47%; it is the ones with dignity, who accept Obama handouts reluctantly who personify the spirit of America. They don’t wait for marching orders or scripts, they wait for this president to be defeated so that Americans will have the opportunity to participate in the American dream once more, instead of being Obama dupes and Useful Idiots.

Don’t count these people out Mr Romney; many fights are won after a fighter has regrouped during his mandatory eight count.