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In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
-George Orwell

Steven Spielberg, the man who had to redesign his stable because it was going to block his neighbors' views of the ocean, is enough of an elitist to not let his neighbors ruin his grandiose plans; he dozed the top of his little Sullivan Canyon hill and built his stable where the top of the hill once was. Elitists can work around the will of the people; it's simply logic in their minds, since they are the will of the people.

Now, where to put the arena? Jumping horses, the elitist horses of the elite, need lots of room. Let's put the arena on top of the barn, a novel and revolutionary concept that maximizes available space and costs fantastic amounts of money, but what's money to a Liberal Elitist. The wood for the stalls can come from Africa and South America; after all, these are expensive horses that cost more than most people make in a lifetime. The snack room and bathroom can be luxurious in ways that most people have never seen, not just because it is a barn, it is an ostentatious barn belonging to a Liberal Elite.

People raised in the culture of horses laugh at such extravagances in barns, but they aren't the people liberal Elites try to impress. They wants to impress other Liberal Elites like President Obama. They are the ones who are impressed with horses being kept in opulence and splendor and with grand displays of money. While a few miles away, people rot in crime and drug infested ghettos; yet, the same Liberals wear their hearts on their sleeve and plead for the disadvantaged, while they wallow in their money.

Hollywood Elites are supposedly the ones who know how to impress large groups of people. Perhaps they know how to run a country and political campaigns as well; unfortunately, serial failures often follow a series of successes. Spielberg, the man with the third grader's handshake has not had many successes lately. Actually, he has had a series of flops. To be fair, if you met him and had no idea of his reputation, you would doubt his ability to run a newspaper stand; especially, if he was asking for your capital to start an enterprise. But Obama listened, he liked Spielberg's idea of attacking Bain Capitol and that attack fell like a water ballon out a college dorm window, leaving Obama looking like the boy whose trousers fell down while giving a speech.

Poor Obama, he is in a state of desperation and reduced to listening to the advice of Hollywood Elites, who figure they know how to run the country and presidential campaigns; unfortunately, their ideas on running the country are like their ideas on building horse barns, you keep spending money until you like it, similar in nature to Obama's ideas on running a country. Thankfully, America isn't ready to accept these Elitists and their ideas about the future of our country and how to create wealth. We are content to sit back and watch them construct monstrosities while they admire their creations while lounging in their Bentley sports cars, but do we need to listen to their stupid ideas by proxy through the dancing puppet, Barack Obama, Hell no.

Epilogue: Never approach a horse from behind, a bull from the front, or a fool from any direction. Cowboy advice

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