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Planned Parenthood, the abortion facilitators with the ambiguous name that suggests they help people plan parenthood rather than being primarily focused on terminating pregnancies is actively engaged in helping people who have made a vanity choice on whether to abort a child, based solely on the gender of the child, despite claims to the contrary.

China is a country working towards a cultural and genetic catastrophe by providing abortions based on gender selection; although, their decisions are more culturally defined, male children are expected to care for their parents during retirement, girls offer no such security, since their husband will be providing for his parents only. China limits families to one child for purposes of population control; consequently, the vanity choice for gender selection seems to be more rooted in logic than the vanity based decisions currently being made in North America.

Four states have banned vanity abortion decisions based on gender: Arizona, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. However, the laws are ambiguous, since a woman can claim reasons other than vanity in those states, thanks to the lobbying efforts of Planned Parenthood, feminists, and President Obama, who lobby for a woman's ability to have an abortion on demand for any reason.

Planned Parenthood received 500 million in taxpayer funds to promote and facilitate abortion among American women. Since there are only four states that have outlawed vanity as a reason for abortion, a purely symbolic gesture at best, since the headache or many other excuses can be added to the list of reasons for wanting an abortion; thus, the laws have no practical application.

Still we as Americans, at least the 50% who pay taxes, we are now funding the choices of women to design custom families, through boutique considerations of gender. It is ironic, despite the efforts of the feminine movement fighting for gender equality, that the gender that is most often aborted is the female. Consequently, a half a billion dollars is diverted every year to Planned Parenthood to facilitate abortions on demand. You may find vanity considerations in the decision making process of abortion to be reprehensible, but this is immaterial, you are paying for it, regardless of your moral or ethical beliefs.

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