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Merriam Webster
Metrosexual:: a usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes

We are all familiar with the phrase, “Metrosexual” and we all know at least a few who are willing to assume this role of a man who takes on feminine characteristics to fulfill a new role in our society, just how far he is willing to go in the assumption of this semi-feminine identity while maintaining a dainty masculine image varies, but we can be sure the image is being promoted by our faithful media. No, I am not speaking of the men who easily fulfill the Gary Cooper role model of FA men; I am talking about the effeminate “Straight” men who are pleased to have you question their sexual identity and the women who create these confused weaklings. The women, who perpetuate the myth that men are evil and dirty, then smother their boys with motherly attention, not for the sake of the boys, but to cater to their own feminine insecurities and neurotic weaknesses.

Some are quick to call our president a Metrosexual, but, I’d rather focus on the economy and jobs, than worry over his dubious manhood, it is the younger male demographic that I am speaking of and their mothers.

We’ve all heard and seen these boys in the public whining like little girls to their parents, instead of watching little girls.

This late breast feeding is labeled attached parenting. The woman in the photo carries it to more of an extreme by sleeping with her son. She says that hopefully this will be his last year. Now we are wondering who is in charge of this bizarre situation.

There is no scientific proof, but if we compile the anecdotal experiences of objective people who have begun to question this new gender bending concept in our society, the results will be persuasive. It is primarily a Liberal trait, but there are exceptions, Like the Whore Hopping serial rapist, President Clinton and the waitress sandwich boys Chris Dodd and Teddy Kennedy. It’s true, enjoying the assets of a tasty waitress in a menage a trois can bring up images of indirect latent homosexuality at the very least. However, Dodd and Kennedy were more old school in their perversions; they would never pretend to have a feminine side and would never pretend to have homosexual desires, even while they are exhibiting those same tendencies during their brotherly love sessions. The Metrosexual is more than willing to expose his feminine nature to the world and maybe even partake of the forbidden fruit.

What is wrong with this, you might ask, nothing if you are gay, but if you were designed to be a straight man by the genetics in your DNA and you have a “gay side” because of perverted parenting, it is a tragedy. A tragedy not only to the individual, but to our culture as well.

Many of you who think back will remember boys who were raised by overly possessive and protective mothers; the boys were effeminate in their actions. Usually the mothers were happy not to be raising those typical male hellions. It was if they wanted to change the world by raising their sons as daughters. Thus those boys eventually became angry teenagers or they were always willing to be looked after and cared for by the omnipotent mother. In time, mother is frail or impossibly possessive and the boy has the option of marrying another mother or finding a man friend for companionship and comfort. The state becomes a surrogate parent and we have created a loyal progressive.

This article in no way is meant to condemn gays or the gay lifestyle. We are born the way we were born and there is precious little you can do about it. I wanted to be 6 foot five, but I ended up three inches too short, that’s the way it is and I can’t do anything about it. However, raising boys in an overly protective atmosphere with a feminine dominance is wrong.

Notice the title on Time: Are You Mom Enough? They are encouraging women to raise their sons as dominated weaklings, rather letting them assume the roles of coarse hairy legged men of history. The new man is to be a Metrosexual, secure in his identity as a submissive wimp, Americans meet your Metrosexual his name is Liberal and the Super Mom is his creator, for few things are more destructive to the psyche of a man than an overly possessive mother.

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