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In the West Virginia Democrat primary, Obama was challenged by a prisoner from Texas and managed a significant victory of 20 points. Democratic strategists see these results as proof that Obama is regaining the momentum of 2008. Like the reports on the economy and jobs, news that can be spun with a positive view is vital to the Obama campaign.

Obama’s latest challenger, inmate Keith Judd, put up a valiant effort from the Federal Correctional Institution in Texas for the Democrat Presidential bid. Unfortunately, Judd has been serving time since 1999 for making threats at the University of New Mexico, but despite his apparent disadvantage, he managed to control 40% of votes cast and Obama tallied less than 60% for his first major victory of the 2012 campaign.

Judd ran with a skeleton campaign group, actually it is questionable whether he had any support; he managed to get on the ballot with a $2500 filing fee, a form known as a notarized certification of announcement. State Democratic Party Executive Director Derek Scarboro said no one has filed to be a delegate for Judd, but he only needed 15% of the vote to qualify for a delegate at the national convention. Sadly, this political miscarriage only serves to prove the Elitist nature of federal politics, without funding, the little man doesn’t stand a chance against those with backers like George Soros.

Even though some West Virginians were reluctant to vote for a federal inmate incarcerated in Texas, it is obvious that Obama controls a percentage of loyalists within the Democrat Party.

Hopefully, Judd will command a greater percentage of the Democrat Party upon his release.

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