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By now everyone has heard of poor lil’ Sandra Fluke. A 30 year old feminist activist posing as some lowly coed who can’t afford contraception and is saddened to see the looks of woman frazzled with sunken eyes, and long faces, tortured by the very thoughts that they may not be able to get laid 2.7 times that day due to lack of funds for contraceptives.

Sorry, I do not feel your pain Ms. Fluke. Yes I am a guy. So I know in your mind that should prevent me from having any opinion on the matter. To that I say Fluke You and the concocted little controversy you road in on. I am a married man with a daughter. So I do have some skin in the game. Our daughter finally arrived after four long hard invitro cycles, something the Catholic Church does not believe in. We did not hold it against the church, nor would we demand they should pay and execute the procedure. It’s called tolerance for ones views and not imposing your needs against another’s ideals. Maybe a little reflection is in order, if you can somehow manage to find the time.

See Sandra, back in the day, when apparently men and woman were more resourceful we didn’t rely on anyone to pay for our contraceptives. Woman tried to hide the fact that they needed it. Every male over the age of 14 had a well-worn circular ring on the back of their leather wallet. It was a sign of perpetual optimism. That can-do spirit and the Boy Scout willingness to always be prepared. If the stars aligned, you got to use that condom before it became unusable due to going past its expiration date. If we needed another one, 4 quarters in the nearest gas station bathroom got you resupplied and French Tickler for you and your buddies to marvel at. Here you are claiming to need a thousand dollars yearly of other people’s money so that you can get your groove on. How about this, why don’t you charge admission of one condom per visit. Any young man with a reasonable sex drive of a male aged 18-50 should be more than willing to pay the freight. Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy right?

No its not is it? Your little crusade at Georgetown University has nothing to do with your worries for your fellow female comrades. It’s all about a selfish little cause. You came to the college strutting your liberal stuff looking for a party. The whorish thing about this all is not that you’re a slut, I wouldn’t know, I really don’t care, you’re a political whore for shopping yourself out to the Democrat Party to be used as a pawn in a presidential election. Bought and paid for, money left on the night stand, no cigarette needed. Your activist credentials are coming to light, your little moment in the sun is about to end. You are now going to be the butt end of all matters of tasteless adult jokes. Welcome to Monica Lewinski’s world darling. Unlike her, you earned it.


Note to President Obama:

Since you seemed to find the time to call Ms. Fluke to tell her how brave you thought she was and how proud her parents must they must be, maybe you should consider doing the same for every U.S. Service member who lost their lives protecting Ms. Fluke from the hordes of religious fanatics who would stone the woman to death for committing the sin of being raped. Somehow I don’t believe they would ask Ms. Fluke if she had adequate contraception before their endeavors nor would they care about who would pay for it.


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