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He and Pelosi and Hoyer and Waxman and the rest of the execrable democrats.

Much has been made about Mitt Romney’s income tax rate and it’s all the same. Sure he’s done nothing illegal but shame on Romney for paying what he owes. It’s his fault. He’s hiding something.

Romney’s tax rate unfair

Mitt Romney’s taxes make him the poster boy for unfair ‘carried interest’ rates

The NY Times cannot resist dunning Romney

The 1% and That 15%

Mr. Romney does not have to apologize for his wealth. But he cannot keep trying to conceal just how much the tax code has been tilted in his favor.

“in his favor”- and in no one else’s favor.

Mitt Romney, Tax Loophole Exploiter-in-Chief

Romney wealth puts him in top 1%

The notorious tax cheat Al Sharpton criticizes Romney:


You’d think Romney wrote the tax code himself.

But it’s not his fault. It’s Obama’s fault, along with all the democrats.

This tax rate was never an issue for democrats when John Kerry paid 13.9% in 2003. No democrat stood up and said Kerry’s tax rate was unfair.

How about Romney’s “off shore” money?

How about John Kerry’s off shore money?

Documents obtained by the Globe detail John Kerry’s 1983 investment of between $25,000 and $30,000 in offshore companies registered in the Cayman Islands. The document below, signed by Kerry, shows his pledge to purchase 2,470 shares of Peabody Commodities Trading Corp. through Sytel Traders, registered in the Caymans.

How about Apple’s off shore money?

Apple may have enough cash on hand to make Scrooge McDuck’s money vault look like a kiddie pool by comparison, but according to SeekingAlpha, most of that cash is effectively trapped overseas. US$54 billion of Apple’s overall $82 billion in cash is in offshore accounts, and Apple cannot repatriate that money to the States unless it wants to pay a huge 35 percent corporate tax on it.

If Apple attempted to bring that money into the States, right off the bat through the magic of taxes that $54 billion would transform into $35.1 billion, with the other $18.9 billion disappearing down the federal money hole. With that much cash at stake, it’s no wonder that Apple hasn’t been in any hurry to repatriate its huge foreign cash reserves.

But never mind all this odious hypocrisy. Who’s fault is this tax rate?

It’s Barack Obama’s fault.

It’s Nancy Pelosi’s fault.

It’s Harry Reid’s fault.

For the first two years of the Obama Presidency, democrats controlled all three parts of the government. democrats owned a supermajority from June 2009 to February 2010. Obamacare was passed via reconciliation.

democrats were too busy trying to destroy health care and finding green energy companies who would lose billions of taxpayer dollars to be concerned with Romney’s tax rate.

They owned Congress. They could have fixed this. They didn’t.

So shut up.