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This report from New Hampshire is a telling sign….too bad most of them are Romney signs:

The sheer number of Republican yard signs in New Hampshire is staggering.

…the signs are everywhere, and not just on empty lots and medians. They’re on front lawns and in the windows of businesses. They’re in every neighborhood and in front of every type of house.

Barack Obama is in big trouble.

I know, I know: It’s a Republican primary. And, of course, “yard signs don’t vote.”

But signs on front yards are a very public expression of political opinion. A yard sign is an extremely accurately measure of that single voter’s comfort level with a candidate or a party.

And people in the swing state of New Hampshire are very comfortable letting their neighbors know that they’re voting Republican this year.

My how things have changed.

The author describes how many might think this sign is no sign at all but if you have ever lived in a blue or purple state you would understand that the opposite is true. Putting a sticker on your car in a blue area meant getting accosted by neighbors and friends about how wrong you are in your political beliefs. I’m sure many of the readers have been through the same thing. So if someone didn’t feel to strongly about the election coming up, they just skipped putting that sign in their yard, putting that sticker on their car. If the opposite is happening, it’s a sign.

We all experienced this in 2008. If you just followed the media, Facebook posts from long-lost friends and, yes, the yard signs, you would never have guessed that someone other than Barack Obama won 46% of the vote in 2008. (His name was John McCain.) In “polite company” in purple states (and on the “purple state” of Facebook) it was just assumed that you were with Obama.

…But there are also signs up all over the capital city of Concord – a Democrat stronghold. Concord isn’t “purple.” It’s deep-blue town in a purple state. The Republicans who live there personify the “I sometimes vote Republican, but…” mentality.

Concord is full of Romney, Huntsman, Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum signs. They’re in every neighborhood. They’re brazenly posted in shop windows. There are more Republican signs in Concord, New Hampshire than I have ever seen.

Swing-state Republicans take note: 2012 will be different.

Too bad we have the relief pitchers on the mound this time. Or as Zombie calls them, the Unfunny Charade.

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