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Keep an eye out for the following Obama pet poodles:

Ezra Klein, Greg Sargent,Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Frank Bruni, Arianna Huffington, Josh Marshall, Faiz Shakir and Joy Reid.

They were summoned to the White House and they were given their marching orders.

Make everything about racism.

An all-star list of progressive and liberal media folks came to the White House today to chat with President Obama over coffee in the Roosevelt Room.

The group chatted with the president about economic messaging, his agenda for 2012, the various campaign arguments against different GOP candidates, the desire among some Democrats for him to highlight his foreign policy accomplishments, fighting corporate influence and the “crappiness” of the Senate filibuster , as one attendee put it.

Those there included the Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent, MSNBC anchors Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Hayes, the Nation’s editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel, the New York Times‘ Frank Bruni, and stars of the interwebs Arianna Huffington, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, Faiz Shakir of ThinkProgress and Joy Reid of The Reid Report.

Back in May I wrote that the 2012 election would have a racism theme dominating it and it’s here in full force. Not stopping for even a cup coffee following the meeting, Josh Marshall sprang into action.

Donald Trump may have left the Republican Party, but he’s staying put in his role as the right’s racial conspiracy theorist-in-chief. On Wednesday, Trump tweeted his endorsement of the latest bit of holiday cheer from the extremist ant-Obama right. As the story goes on more than one conservative blog this week, Obama declined to offer an official statement marking Christmas, but made sure to get one out celebrating Kwanzaa.

This tale is as blatantly racial as it is demonstrably false, and it comes in the grand tradition of accusing Obama of supporting Ramadan over Easter and the old Trump favorite that Obama got into the Ivy League because he’s not white, not because he’s smart.

TPM, via WZ

Marshall joins the dutiful left wing Obama zombie parade already at work. Racism has already reared its ugly head at vanden Heuvel’s Nation, Sargent’s Plum Line, and Klein Wonkblog.

That they are Obama’s pet poodles is all well and good but no one ever ought to insult them by associating the word “journalist” with any of them.

That would be wrong. They’re poodles.

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