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Scathing ad released by Ron Paul about Gingrich:


But am I alone here in asking why no one is going after Romney? Bachmann gets hot, the media and her competitors hack away. Perry gets hot, and they hack away. Cain gets hot….bam! Now we’re on to Gingrich but who the hell is hacking away at Romney? Mighty curious.

As for the ad itself, it’s definitely information people should mull over before pulling the lever for Newt but I’m with Ace’s rant here (always long winded but well worth the read)

….our choices suck:

…We don’t have a Pure Conservative in the race. (Possibly the unelectable Bachmann, but only because she’s only been in office since shortly before the outbreak of the Tea Party, and really has never been asked to do anything except play to the Tea Party. And, meanwhile, she and her husband’s clinics scooped up all the federal and state money they could.)

I guess I don’t have a point except to say I really don’t think it is useful or true to debate these guys in terms of “The True Conservative I Can Get Behind.”

None of them are that. None. So the Quest for the Pure True Conservative can and should end, and we should stop talking about such nonsense and start talking, seriously, about the imperfect candidates we have.

Gingrich would be an okay imperfect candidate. So, I guess, would Romney.

But this idea that someone here must be a True Conservative, because, gosh, someonemust be, is just plain wrong.

Ok, I’m not completely with Ace here since I don’t think Romney is an okay imperfect candidate. If it’s Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, I’m probably sitting home since it isn’t a choice. Romney is OLite, plain and simple. And don’t even bring up Ron Paul because I would rather get punched in the testicles than vote for that nutcase.

So where does that leave us?


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