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There are bad people in the world and we look forward to the day when they make their departure; actually, many of us lift a symbolic glass of wine to celebrate, when a convicted killer is finally executed. In America, a condemned killer has been tried in a court of law or by military tribunal and has been given his right to appeal. The condemned is then executed by lethal injection. The most humane and sterile method of death, yet devised in the history of man. A method that requires the state to swab the area of injection with alcohol before inserting the needle that will allow the poisons to be injected and course through the body, until death claims the killer’s life. Thus the possibility of infection of the wound is decreased; however, like many procedures, the alcohol is only for looks, since it takes several minutes for the alcohol to kill the bacteria. But remember, we are talking about a condemned person. Some ask why wait or why even waste the alcohol. This is the accepted method of execution, it allows us to feel good about killing someone and it helps to rid ourselves of those human beings who are deemed to no longer worthy of walking among us in the civilized world.

Lethal injection is accepted as the most humane method of execution by the most squeamish among us; however, many of the condemned would prefer the dignity of the firing squad or the hangman’s noose rather than the silliness of the current method, but this is what it takes to make death more palatable among the faint hearted, heavy breathers. It has been an ongoing Liberal cause, to make execution of the condemned a pain free and less traumatic experience.

There was no conjecture as to whether Timothy McVeigh may have had felt remorse at the moment of his death, somehow making the execution, of a killer of 168 innocent people cruel and unusual punishment. But McVeigh gave precious little for those opposed to executions to work with, maintaining his stoic demeanor to the end, he passed out this hand written statement before his execution.

Final written statement of Timothy McVeigh. Out of the night that covers me, Black is the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul.”

PITTS: In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeoning of chance, my head is bloodied but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the horror of the shade and yet the menace of the years finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

Like it or not, this is who we have become. We are willing to forget the babies born brain damaged and addicted to drugs and alcohol, or the victims of senseless gang violence, or the depredations of illegal aliens driving while unlicensed, uninsured, and drunk, or the fact that one third of our prisons are filled with illegal aliens. All of these issues pale in comparison to the discomfort of a mass murderer and the anguish felt by some of us at the thought of taking the life of a mass murderer.

We as Americans have a right to feel smug in the knowledge that we are sanctimonious to a fault, concerning the execution of a mass murderer. Let no one in the world say, we don’t value human life. We have proven the supposition of our unending love for debauched and vicious killers.

Yet, how easily the tide of public sentiment changes, when we are given the slightest excuse to join in the symbolic blood lust of the mob; a mob we supported with the effort of our Commander in Chief and our military. After months of the most sophisticated bombing to depose a hopelessly outgunned and overmatched dictator to supposedly enforce a no-fly zone. Oh, how humanitarian and uplifting does the term ”no-fly” sound to the public; because, after all, we are protecting the lives of innocent civilians in another country; we can feel so noble, while we lie to ourselves, just in case those trucks and troops start to fly like Mary Poppins.

After spending billions in high tech munitions to defeat and depose a single low tech dictator, we can now watch as the Libyan people are overwhelmed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s right of self-imposition. We can now have the satisfaction of knowing we have helped bloodthirsty theocratic fundamentalists, who are our sworn enemies, to depose a neurotic dictator who had given up supporting terror and mayhem.

Yes, it’s true that we are asked to believe that some of those who support terror are good and some are bad. Arafat, Nobel Peace Prize winner was beloved by the media and blood thirsty Arabs throughout the Middle East, was described by the media as a benevolent and beloved grandfather type terrorist with scraggly whiskers. He was one of the few mass murdering terrorists to be admired by the United Nations and cast as a hero among freedom loving Socialists throughout the world.

For some reason, a reason obscured in the murky world of Obama logic, the crazy Colonel from Libya, who decades ago was once a darling of Leftist media, when they wrote glowing reports of the handsome sheikh in his tents with camels parked outside, a vision that tended to heat up the libido of many Leftist women; strangely, a few months ago, the crazy Colonel fell out of Obama’s favor. He was no longer handsome, but that was hardly a logical reason, some of us just don’t age well; no, it was deeper than that, for the Colonel supported the racist and bigoted friends of Obama, specifically the racist fundamentalists Farrakahn and Wright. Surely, no one thinks it is because Obama’s benefactor Goldman Sachs, squandered twenty-four billion dollars of the Colonel’s money. No, the reason must be far deeper and more complex than those simple reasons; unfortunately, no one seems to know why the wacky Colonel fell out of disfavor with his Highness Obama.

While it is popular to assume that Obama has a superior intellect and unquestioned motives when he unleashes his counter productive measures against the economy and those of us not involved in his crony circles of corruption; there are those who are beginning to have doubts as to the true intent of the man and his Helter Skelter type of governance.

Yet the inconsistencies of the Narcissist are forgotten as the country comes together to celebrate after Qadaffi was literally torn apart by his people in an orgy of blood lust. For just a few minutes, in this modern age of political correctness, we are allowed to let down our pretenses and celebrate the images of a bloody man begging for mercy, a man who had renounced terrorism and was no longer a threat; we can forget who we are as Americans and just be a symbolic part of the mob that is bludgeoning and cutting a defenseless man to death.

Despite the fact that he was not a threat, many of us hated him because of his part in the Lockerbie bombing; therefore, we are willing to overlook certain details. Trials no longer matter, when we have the insanity of the mob and the bizarre logic of the Narcissist to justify our blood vengeance.

Oh, how wondrous to feel the power and vindictive hatred of the mob. For we are not only celebrating the fall of a tyrant who was in control of some of the most valuable sweet crude on the face of the earth, but we are also celebrating the might of the American military exerted against one of the most pathetic armies of the world; thus the moral superiority of the American people is projected to the world with the strength of a flickering candle. A morality that is controlled and directed by President Obama; a man with the intellect and morality of a superior Elitist being, whose motives are not to be questioned; even though, some of us don’t really enjoy seeing the mob rip a man apart as the culmination of a multi-billion dollar offensive against one man.

It’s true, many of us love to party and act gregarious over the slightest pretext, but still, there are others who like to analyze the situation and ask whether it is the role of the president to take down leaders and install Islamic Fundamentalists in one of the richest oil countries in the world and delude Americans into thinking it is wonderful and a time to rejoice, because we have a chance to let down our guard and feel the ancient pulse of the crowd at the Coliseum in Rome, when people were butchered for a Roman Holiday. Now, we are expected to celebrate the Obama Myth as a dictator is butchered in our living rooms: in much the same manner as the mob hailed Caesar for hosting the games. The power and wisdom of Obama is prodigious, but to truly appreciate the man and his myth, you must become a symbolic member of the mob and enjoy the sight of a man being ripped apart as he pleads for mercy. You must become a senseless member of the mob that feels strength in ignoring the rule of law that America stands for and instead revel in senseless violence and death, for then you are no better than the members of that mob and you have become a true believer in the Myth that is Obama.

To believe is to idolize Obama and accept the actions of Obama without analyzing the data that is open to everyone. Obama is the ideology that allows Americans and even our military to undertake such a bizarre mission with unquestioning loyalty to Obama. For the stated purpose of this quasi-war was to prevent a dictator from killing innocent civilians, but the war was over when he was butchered on a public street just after intervention by our jets and drones.

Yet, even we Conservatives will overlook many of Obama’s inconsistencies; when we are provided a modern version of Roman blood lust and the killing of an impotent old fool. Oh, how easy it is for the wily Obama to make fawning lap dogs out of people who are so willingly pulled into the magic of the mob and its’ blood lust.

How quick we forget and overlook the fact that Obama can no longer be considered an ideologue: indeed, he is only involved in the Narcissistic journey of self-serving self-promotion and though he may hint at caring for the middle class and the poor, he only cares that you admire him and for those who can’t admire him, it is enough if you celebrate his bizarre victories and identify with barbarians from the Middle East. For there is nothing in our Constitution that says we should change leadership in foreign countries that pose no threat to the US. But because Obama wanted to take this man out, we launch a major portion of our military hardware. Obama accomplishes his goals as we celebrate the fall of a dictator and toast our own dictator in the same breath.

Are we so concerned with helping to maintain and reinforcing his Narcissistic personality, that we let him have free use of the most powerful military in the world to install Islamic Fundamentalists wherever he sees the need to intervene. We have elevated Obama to the position of a supreme Elite within the Socialist context. His words and actions are above the law and never to be doubted. He is superior, the media has promoted the concept and most of us have swallowed the swill. For while you declare the murder of a dictator as a great accomplishment, you play directly into the myth and game of Obama.

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