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Yup….Tea Party/Occupy Wall Street, same difference:

LOWER MANHATTAN — Dozens of people have volunteered for Occupy Wall Street’s sanitation team in the past few days, in the wake of Brookfield Properties’ threat to shut down Zuccotti Park to have it professionally cleaned.

But a handful of protesters are continuing to litter and refuse to help clean up, leaving the sanitation team frustrated as they battle the deluge of trash, several volunteers said.

“People just sit here — they think this is a vacation,” said Lauren Digioia, 26, from Clifton, N.J., a member of Occupy Wall Street’s sanitation team.

“This is an occupation. This is not a squatters’ paradise…. People want us to leave them alone, but they’re not doing it [cleaning] themselves.”

Digioia, who gave up her waitressing job in Times Square to join the protest, said she is tired of picking up other people’s cigarette butts, banana peels and plastic bottles filled with urine.

…”We work 24/7,” said Digioia, who sleeps in the sanitation area each night with the most devoted volunteers.

“We do lose sleep most of the time because the trash does not stop.”

But according to the article “it’s getting better”

I’m sure the rats love it:

OAKLAND — City officials said Tuesday they may have to shut down the Occupy Oakland tent city in coming days because it is attracting rats, alcohol and illegal drug use.

A pre-existing rat problem around Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, which public works employees are normally able to keep under control, has been exacerbated by the demonstrators’ presence, said city administrator spokeswoman Karen Boyd.

The problem “has gotten worse with all the food and people and couches,” Boyd said. Because the protest has people cycling in and out, she added, the city is having to repeat the message about how to store food and keep the area safe.

…This comes on the heels of increasing reports of illegal drug and alcohol abuse, fighting, and sexual harassment in and around the camp of about 100 tents, Boyd said. The protest has destroyed the grass lawn and it’s not clear yet how much the overall expense to the city will be.

I highly doubt there are any rats in New York tho…right?

Ok, maybe there ARE rats in New York….but there would never be any Nazi’s right?

Racial Comrades: I am going to address the issue of this “Occupy Wall Street” fervor that has been sweeping the land like a breath of cleansing air!


This issue is TAYLOR MADE for National Socialists, as well as WN who are serious about DOING SOMETHING – MORE – than shouting “racial slurs” and acting like “poster boys of hate” loons.

After all – JUST WHO – are the WALL STREET BANKERS? The vast majority are JEWS – and the others are SPIRITUAL JEW materialists, who would sell their own mother’s gold teeth for a PROFIT. And MORE and MORE people are AWARE of this truth, are not only NOT afraid to TALK ABOUT IT – they’re shouting it on WALL STREET!

Well, if you have one group of racists you definitely need another to have a true party right? Here’s the singer/song writer extraordinaire at a recent rally in Boston…you may know him from the top 40 hit “Kill Whitey”


Or how about Cleveland:


You know the party is happening when the Commies show up:

Non-violent of course:

Ok, well…at least this helping people stay employed:

Yup, same difference.

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