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Herman Cain is the frontrunner now and I’m hoping that he is prepared for the onslaught that will surely come.

From the PPP poll:

Strong Tea Party support has Cain in the driver’s seat nationally, just as he has been on our last four individual state polls. With non-Tea Party Republicans Romney actually leads Cain 29-27. But with the Tea Party crowd Cain is getting 39% with Gingrich at 16%, Perry at 14%, and Romney in 4th place at 13%. Romney doesn’t need to win the Tea Partiers to be the Republican nominee. But he does need to finish better than 4th with them.


In the previous survey, conducted in late August, Perry led the field at 38 percent, Romney stood at 23 percent, while Cain was at only 5 percent.

Cain’s numbers are sky-high among Republican primary voters. Fifty-two percent view him favorably, versus just 6 percent who see him unfavorably. Among Tea Party supporters, his favorable/unfavorable score is 69 percent to 5 percent. And among Republicans who identify themselves as “very conservative,” it’s 72 percent to 2 percent.

In follow-up interviews with respondents supporting Cain, they argue that he’s not a politician, and that he seems real. “He has common-sense answers and is in touch with the heartbeat of America,” said one respondent, a 46-year-old male from Florida…

Despite Cain’s rise and Perry’s fall over the past month and a half, Romney’s standing in the Republican horse race hasn’t changed—it was 23 percent in August, and it’s unchanged at 23 percent now.

The man is anything BUT unprepared, in anything he has done in life so I am certain he is ready for the onslaught. The attacks on his 9-9-9 plan are just starting but even he has said that the plan is just the beginning, to “unite the ‘Flat Taxers’ with the ‘Fair Taxers.’” It’s not perfect but a good starting point for a discussion.

Meanwhile, in the latest MSNBC poll you see that Romney’s numbers haven’t changed a bit. Anyone who is for Cain was NOT for Romney before so that isn’t surprising….but the MSM is all but crowning Romney anyway:

“He’s viewed as an almost inevitable candidate,” said longtime strategist Ed Rollins, who until last month managed the campaign of Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.), one of Romney’s opponents. “He’s the heavy favorite.”

The party establishment seems to be moving Romney’s way, even as a new national poll highlighted the volatility of the race. A Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll showed the surging businessman Herman Cain numerically ahead of Romney for the first time, 27 percent to 23 percent, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry third, at 16 percent.

On Wednesday, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) and former House speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) became the latest in a string of current and former elected officials who have announced their support for Romney over the past week. Former Republican National Committee chairman Jim Nicholson, hedge fund manager Paul Singer and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone are among the major Republican fundraisers supporting the candidate.

“It’s all coming together for him,” said Cochran, who formally endorsed Romney on Wednesday. “People are beginning to be impressed with him and his thoughtful comments about the issues.”

It’s tough to disagree with the Post. It does appear that the establishment is all but conceding Romney is the guy…and that is not a good thing. Every day we are reminded how Romney is just ObamaLite.

Exit quote:

…which means they [Cain and Perry] (and, to a lesser extent, Bachmann) are destined to split the conservative vote in the caucuses while Romney cleans up among centrists. If most Iowa conservatives break for Cain and he either wins outright or finishes a strong second to Romney, Perry will be finished and then you’ll have a two-man race in time for South Carolina. But by that point, Romney will almost certainly have won New Hampshire and Nevada and will be raking in mountains of establishment money to ensure that the most electable option in the field is well armed for the rest of the primaries.

Even worse, I don’t disagree with Allah’s take on the race. We may in fact be doomed to a race between Obama and ObamaLite.

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