Posted by DrJohn on 29 August, 2011 at 9:36 am. 25 comments already!

I read the title

Obama takes charge at hurricane command center

Then I saw the image

The instant I saw it, it came back to me in a flash- Seinfeld:

“Is anyone here a marine biologist????”

George Costanza was as much a marine biologist as Barack Obama is a meteorologist. Realistically, all Obama could do is interfere with operations. But that would have denied him the photo-op in his ongoing psychological need to distance himself from George Bush.

And look at this picture- this one is hysterical.

There is Barack Obama, complete with name placard, in case anyone did not know who he was, and complete with job title, in case someone did not know Obama is the President and not just another professional golfer.

But here’s the original picture that was supposed to accompany the title “Obama takes charge at hurricane command center”

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