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Oh please:

White House hopeful Rick Perry has at least some supporters in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago — President Barack Obama’s Re-Election team. The Texas governor, a social and fiscal conservative, is seen by Obama’s top election campaigners and fundraisers as easier to beat than the more moderate Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

“I was praying Perry would get in the race,” said a former White House aide closely linked to Obama’s campaign.

While Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago will not talk on the record about possible election rivals, fundraisers, senior activists and influential Chicagoans close to the president say Perry’s more polarizing views make him a bigger target for the Democrat in a general election…

Michele Bachmann, a senior Tea Party figure, is the Republican contender the Obama campaigners would most like to take on in 2012, although she seems unlikely to win the nomination, according to several sources close to the Obama campaign.

Spin, spin and spin some more.

Every new candidate and we get to hear how pleased they are that they get to face him/her.

And the MSM just loves to help push this spin, with the help of anonymous “former” aides, that a conservative can’t win the White House. Last I looked 41% of Americans identified themselves as conservative:

Americans’ political ideology at the midyear point of 2011 looks similar to 2009 and 2010, with 41% self-identifying as conservative, 36% as moderate, and 21% as liberal.

Last I looked Obama’s numbers were in the dumpster and falling fast:

A new low of 26% of Americans approve of President Barack Obama’s handling of the economy, down 11 percentage points since Gallup last measured it in mid-May and well below his previous low of 35% in November 2010.

Obama earns similarly low approval for his handling of the federal budget deficit (24%) and creating jobs (29%).

…Obama earns scant support on the issues among Republicans, and does not do much better among independents. In contrast to Democrats’ majority approval of Obama on all seven issues tested, fewer than half of independents approve of the president’s handling of any of these.

…President Obama’s approval rating has dwindled in recent weeks to the point that it is barely hugging the 40% line. Three months earlier, it approached or exceeded 50%.

So the spin isn’t helping you President Obama. A conservative can most certainly be elected, and if your numbers continue their downward trend as the economy worsens a conservative WILL be elected.

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