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Part I of how the Left doesn’t get the Tea Party here

Stage 6 – Anger

Even the Republican establishment has shown its distaste for the Tea Party, as seen in Barbara Bush’s jab at Sarah Palin and Karl Rove’s post-primary meltdown on Fox News after Christine O’Donnell defeated Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary. I do have to give some credit to the former first lady – it is rare to hear the political class showing such honesty of opinion when discussing a member of their own party. But she was looking in the wrong direction, more on that in a moment. As to Rove, I understand that it must have been frustrating to invest so much time and effort into a candidate only to lose to someone who has a lesser chance of winning that your champion. Victory was still no guarantee – keep in mind that the people of Delaware chose to inflict Joe Biden on us for several decades before he was called on to be vice president. But that is no excuse for Rove going on television and launching into a tirade that could have been directly lifted into a campaign ad for the Democrats. Even in her losing effort, O’Donnell did serve a useful purpose. The mainstream press were fascinated with O’Donnell and adopted her as their surrogate Palin and allowed their cries of “She’s an idiot!” to dominate their national coverage of the midterm elections. So how did this help? There is only so much bandwidth out there in the news cycle. All of the time they spent attacking O’Donnell was print space and air time that was not getting used to attack other Republican candidates in closer elections. Do you think that the DNC liked having to use its resources to defend suddenly vulnerable candidates like Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and Barney Frank when they should have been able trust their allies in the press to do this work for them?

Back to Bush and Rove, their words showed the same lack of understanding as to why the Tea Party and people like Sarah Palin are around. Like the angry leftists, they should have been looking in the mirror. It was Dubya’s years of irresponsible spending that set our course on this road into high gear. It was the GOP forgetting the lessons of what the party claimed to stand for while spending taxpayer money in an irresponsible manner that would make any leftist proud. Or as the Vodka Pundit summed it up, “Rove thought that he could use the government’s check book to buy a permanent majority.” Running on a platform of pointing out that the Democrats are running our country off of a cliff at 100 MPH doesn’t hold much water when your own party is running us off of that same cliff at 55 MPH.

Stage 7 – Anger

Remember those long forgotten days of yesteryear, as in the years of 2000-2008? Nobody on the left seems to. Remember sayings like “Jeffersonian”, “Purple State” (along with this Newsweek cover after the 2004 elections), and phrases like “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you’re not patriotic. We should stand up and say we are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration.”? For that matter, remember all of the silly rationalizations that the left had to come up with to reconcile with the fact that they openly wanted our troops to lose a war only because of their personal hatred for the president? We heard that “Being a vegetarian is patriotic”, “Riding your bicycle to work is patriotic”, even lines dumb enough to suggest that obeying a law whose noncompliance will land you in prison was patriotic. You might, but nobody on the left does. When a leftist calls for civility, what they’re saying is, “don’t behave like we do.” When a leftist calls for dialogue, it actually means, “We’re not getting what we wanted, so you need to sit down, shut up and listen to us until we do get what we want.” The same people who put “Question Authority!” bumper stickers on their cars are furious that now that they’ve become The Authority that’s exactly what is happening. Somewhere around January 19th, 2009 slogans of respect for opposing views and patriotism in dissent were replaced with basically, “Sit down, and STFU”.

Stage 8 – Anger

We’ve seen every label in the book thrown at the Tea Party. To once again cite the guys at Trifecta, "The Tea Party has been called astroturf, racists, idiots, gone and buried and now terrorists. When this label doesn’t stick either what label does the left have to try next, child molesters?" The latest efforts by the administration to create the label of "Tea Party Downgrade" in hopes that it will stick just reeks of sheer desperation that comes from impotent rage against an opponent that they can’t figure out how to fight. I think that a lot of this comes from disappointment in the unrealized dreams of what they were sold on with Obama. For that matter, when can you remember the left being happy? With the exception of that short window between when Obama was elected in November 2010 and the end of his first month in office I can’t remember the last time the left seemed happy, and in the last two years they’ve seemed angrier than ever. Even with the presidency and both houses of Congress working diligently through job killing regulations, out of control pork spending and ever present threats of higher taxes to continue this gradual strangulation of our private sector they had to push for the Holy Grail of Obamacare in early 2010. Just like in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" with a starship at his disposal and Project Genesis under his control Kahn still would not heed the warnings of his helmsman who urged Kahn not to chase the Enterprise into the Nebula that would render their sensors and shields useless…

"No sir, you have Genesis! You have whatever yo-"

"FULL POWER! Damn you!"

If we’re able to get Obamacare repealed before it’s able to fully metastasize in our health care system that law may turn out to be Obama’s Mutara Nebula. And as we’ve come to learn about our president, "He’s intelligent but not experienced. His pattern indicates two dimensional thinking."

“Obama… I’m laughing at the superior leftist intellect!”

Stage 9 – Bargaining

At first the left resorted to their favorite weapon – go back to Alinsky playbook and find someone to personalize and demonize rather than conduct their least favorite part of the process, debating the issues on their merits and actual (not desired) impacts alone. The left tried to brand the Tea Party as being led by Beck, by Palin, by Fox News, by the Koch Brothers, by Grover Nordquist, desperate for someone to whom they could use to make the Tea Party personal rather than about issues. Frustrated at their futile attempts to find someone that leftists could attack, the NAACP took the lead and publicly demanded that the Tea Party denounce its nonexistent racist elements. Once again, not having any specific charges or incidents to cite has never been known to stop the left from throwing out charges of racism.

This led to an amusing comedy of errors as Andrew Breitbart fired back, by releasing a damning video of the USDA’s Shirley Sherrod making racist comments at a conference. But then it came out that the original video that had been provided to Breitbart had edited-out key pieces that showed that her remarks were taken out of context, and now it was Breitbart on the retreat. The administration’s overreaction of firing her after seeing the original video forced them to backtrack, and she was set to appear on a number of Sunday talk shows. Sherrod was about to be anointed by the MSM as the next Rosa Parks and a face that the left could anoint as the opposition to the Tea Party, until Sherrod made it clear that she wasn’t such a saint after all. As quickly as she appeared, Sherrod just as quickly and far more quietly disappeared from the media’s focus. With both sides having egg on their face from the incident, neither pursued it any further. But at least Breitbart learned his lesson, and applied it to the successful exposure (pardon the pun) and takedown of former Congressman Anthony Weiner. And if you think Weiner’s resignation was an illegitimate over blowing of a media manufactured issue, think again.

Stage 10 – Depression

Now after around two and a half years the left is facing the graphic truth that electing someone to such an important office with no qualifications or accomplishments might not be such a hopey changey great idea after all. The combined economic data – downgrades, unemployment, the stock market, not to mention how our president’s bow, scrape and apologize foreign policy has failed to turn the world into a harmonious playground, not to mention the fact that all of his promises regarding the War on Terror were nothing but hot air (I have my own theories on this, but that’s a separate post) has left liberals rightfully unhappy. So now, despite the fairly recent Bin Laden bounce in the polls, more and more people are understanding that the economy won’t be improving under this administration’s anti-business policies and more and more people are finally questioning our president’s ability to lead. It can’t be easy being a lib these days. But just like it’s easy to be a petulant teenager with grand ideas of how the world should be run, when you get out in the world you learn that being an adult isn’t as easy as it looked. We’ve started handing control back to the adults in the 2010 midterms, and hopefully this relatively new wave of leaders will learn to make adult decisions.

Stage 11 – Acceptance

Acceptance is the toughest stage to define for this article, as the left is incredibly intolerant of opinions that differ from their own. The left has not accepted the Tea Party, the merits of dissenting opinions, nor that opposing views should be shown respect. So the left has accepted it in their own special way. First they tried imitation via the Coffee Party movement, pretending that it was to be a civil forum for ideas and working together. Granted, it was run by a former Obama staffer, and it wasn’t like Obama supporters didn’t already have outlets, such as Big Media if not just working for the administration outright. Another attempt was the “no labels” movement, trying to suggest that labels were so dismissive, and we should gather and sing kumbaya, etc. No dice again, and George Will did a great job of summing up why liberals reject being labeled because of course, it describes what they actually are. And of course, after Glenn Beck had the audacity to hold a rally by the Lincoln Memorial, the non-partisan, non-activist Jon Stewart had to rally his minions of mainly white viewers (sorry, couldn’t resist) to come out and announce something, whatever that message may have been, certainly nothing racist.

So my question to the left is, are you serious about restoring sanity? Do you truly want respectful dialogue? Do you want a more civil tone? If you’re serious, stop talking the talk – start walking the walk.

Stop using shootings by lone crazies as an excuse to throw out libelous accusations against someone simply because you need to cling to your raw hatred of her. Stop saying that anyone who disagrees with you is by definition an extremist. Or as the Vodkapundit put it, “Remember when spending less than you took in wasn’t considered extremist? Yea, me neither.” Stop using the lazy straw man arguments that this administration has come to depend on – no, we don’t want to kill off the elderly. Those of us who are not already elderly ourselves either have friends or relatives who are up in the years and/or we’re planning to grow old as well some day. Tea Partiers don’t hate teachers, firemen, and police officers. We just don’t feel that it’s right to hand them generous benefits and unfunded taxpayer-fed pensions while signing their checks with the names of future generations. Is asking the public service unions to make similar contributions to their benefits that the rest of us do really so extreme? Aside from a handful of hard core libertarians, the Tea Party is not advocating eliminating all government. We just want intelligent government – you know, reviewing budgets (or in our president’s case, first submitting one), transparency, and responsibly managing our money. The Tea Party is not suggesting killing poor people, either – we just have what is becoming a sadly outdated notion that people are better off with jobs than food stamps. So when Howard Dean tells the Netroots Convention that “The values of the Tea Party sure aren’t the values of America today “, he sadly epitomizes what is wrong with the left today. Instead of shoving your finger in our chests and angrily screaming in our faces for us to engage in civil dialogue, maybe you should try engaging in civil dialogue. Stop trying to scream over reporters who you don’t like, stop issuing threats to shut down speaking appearances by those with views different from your own, stop with the drive-by attacks, show some respect for the public property that you share with everyone else, and maybe even lay off of the angry, uncivilized rhetoric. You claim to want civil dialogue, but if you can’t stop screaming that we’re racists, idiots, violent, extremists, hostage takers and terrorists how serious do you think you sound?

The irony of all of the anger from the left is that they will be the first to decry killing terrorists as only creating more terrorists. But when it comes to the Tea Party the more they throw out their vitriol the more that they steel the resolve of the Tea Party and create more Tea Partiers.

Of all of the analysis of the Tea Party I’ve heard from the left, the one that came the closest to reality came from Harry Reid, of all people. He appeared on one of the talk shows declaring that “The Tea Party was born because of the economy. The economy is probably the worst it’s ever been except for maybe the Great Depression. The Tea Party will disappear as soon as the economy gets better. And the economy’s getting better all the time.” Right church wrong pew, but it’s a start. Yes Harry, it is about the economy, but it’s not just about current conditions, rather it is about the conditions and the mentality that got us to this point. This administration promised transparent and responsible government – we’re still waiting, and this is why we’re still here. Unlike the anti-war anti-Bush protests, we’re not going to fade away just because the candidate with one party’s designation gets elected. Until you understand and publicly acknowledge the conditions that got us to this point, the economy won’t start getting better all the time for a long time.

Here is the part that the left truly does not understand, and probably never will. The Tea Party would be more than happy to go away. Most of us are not career politicians or bureaucrats, and would be thrilled to just go about our lives. We really would prefer to not come out to rallies and have to call our elected officials to ask them to do their jobs. Myself, I’d be satisfied if my blog just contained musings on heavy metal concert reviews, the top 100 reasons why the Philadelphia Eagles are the coolest team in pro football (I know what you’re thinking – only 100? I had to draw the line somewhere), or random rants such as an unbeatable insult that any female can use on a guy or the importance of tipping generously. I’d still probably write about some political pieces, but I’d much rather see the biggest political issues that this self professed libertarian with conservative tendencies would have to write about would be to make fun of the left complaining that we are not doing enough to follow various socialist mandates coming out of the United Nations along the lines of “Maintaining Full Employment in the Nonprofit and NGO Sector though Achievement of Sustainable Poverty in the Third World”. My advice to Harry Reid and everyone else who truly wants to see the Tea Party disappear – it’s actually pretty simple. Do your damned jobs. Start spending within your means, read the bills you’re voting on, stop imposing yourselves onto us just for the sake of paying back your campaign donors and start remembering the job that you were hired to do. When that day comes we’ll be more than happy to disappear. And unfortunately we both know that day will never come. To paraphrase Mel Brooks in The History of the World Part I:

“We know you’re wishing that we’d go awaayyyyy, but the Tea Party is here and it’s here to stay!”


** Answer to earlier question regarding wine pairings with Ethiopian food: It was a trick question. The correct response was to keep walking until you find someplace else to eat because Ethiopian food sucks. The only people in the US who pretend to enjoy Ethiopian food are liberals who think that it makes them look more worldly. The rest of us outgrew pureed meat around the time our first teeth started coming in.

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