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Jake Tapper appeared on the Dennis Miller radio show last week and basically admitted to the bias in the MSM. He acknowledges the fact that the media completely ignored Obama’s Medal of Honor gaffe while the media jumped all over Palin’s and Bachmann’s recent gaffes:


Tapper at one point seemed on the verge of admitting the media liberal bias. He allowed, “But the question is, okay, and removing the ideological bias, and I don’t- do not generally disagree that there is-” Unfortunately, Miller interrupted him.

The White House correspondent attempted to shift the issue to one of sexism, suggesting that Hillary Clinton dealt with much harsher criticism than Obama. However, Good Morning America, where Tapper frequently appears, fawned over both.

As Scott Whitlock points out above, the Democrat girls got plenty of love. So Jake’s point that maybe its not ideological bias but instead it’s anti-woman bias doesn’t hold up.

How about this gaffe by Obama, overlooked long ago:

[youtube][/youtube] (h/t Verum Serum)

As the author at Verum Serum acknowledges…the gaffe isn’t that big of a deal but it IS a gaffe, just as Palin’s and Bachmann’s were. Minor and inconsequential. But the MSM went apes**t over theirs but they blackout and ignore Obama’s.


They always do this. They will eat razors before they admit to any liberal bias. They will confess to a hundred biases, even some they do not actually have, before they will admit to a liberal bias.

Let me give you an example I always give. If the Black Correspondent’s Association (or whatever) claims the press has a subtle anti-black bias, the media will consider this and meet with that association and consider implementing reforms/safeguards to ensure against such bias continuing. They’ll have a panel discussion on Nightline or Meet the Press to seriously consider this bias.

Same thing with anti-woman bias. Or anti-Muslim bias.

The press is perfectly willing to consider the possibilities it is biased in many ways, and take seriously such complaints.

Except for one, of course. The one bias they will not admit to having, ever, is a liberal ideological bias. (And note– the biases they’re willing to cop to tend to require them, to cure those biases, to adopt even more anti-conservative positions. Biased against women? Include more feminist voices. Biased against Muslims? Make sure the country knows about anti-Muslim “hate” in the form of racial profiling. Biased against blacks? Agitate for preferences, quotas and so on.)

Why? For two reasons:

1. That is the bias they are most flagrantly, obviously guilty of, and no one likes confessing to their real flaws. People will cop to lesser flaws and non-flaws all the time. But not their deep dark dirty laundry.

2. Because they absolutely despise conservatives. Because they hate conservatives so much that they view this entirely as political actors, and if conservatives “win” a little on this point (as a serious discussion about it would represent), then they lose.

They won’t admit it because they are selling a narrative rather than reporting the truth.

As Journolist taught us all, they have an agenda.

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