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In the movie Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan, Mr. Spock says to Admiral Kirk,

“He is intelligent, but not experienced; his pattern indicated two dimensional thinking”

This perhaps is one of the best descriptions of President Obama, and yet more accurately applies to members of the house and senate. As a former Military Intelligence Analyst as well as a former Crime Analyst, I believe that these elected officials share the traits of not only children, but career criminals as well.

They know what they want, they think of ways to get it, but are oblivious to the consequences of their actions, the key third dimension in any logical thought process is addressing the ramifications of the action in trying to achieve the goal.

They consistently design legislation and regulation perhaps with the best of intentions (questionable in recent years) yet fail to take the time to actually look at what impact their decisions will have. There are real consequences for every decision we make, especially when it is done spur of the moment or in the heat of the moment. Doing something for the sake of doing something usually does not have the desired results, and even if you achieve the desired result, what impact did that decision have on another aspect of your life. Yet they do their damage, move on and leave others to clean up their messes.

If you decide that you want to reduce your energy bill by installing replacement windows you have some decision to make. Do you have the money to buy low end windows or do you want the most expensive windows in existence? Do your finances allow you to get cheaper windows and pay for them all at once or will you opt for financing. If you go low end will the seals and frame hold together?, if not will you have to expend more money to replace the replacement windows? If you go high end and finance them have you the ability within your existing budget to adjust the monthly payment on them without throwing you closer to the edge of financial ruin.

Most of us face these decisions every day, and we deliberate the cost/benefit ratios. The problem with our elected officials is that they do not do that, they make wild predictions about currency reserves and deficits based upon unknown circumstances years in advance. The average citizen makes these decisions based upon a projection in weeks, not years.

We know what we want, and we plan on how to achieve it, fewer and fewer families are willing to continue deficit spending in our own lives and circumstance, we need to demand that those in Washington do the same. The things being forced down the throats of the citizens of this country are going to generate a massive case of acid reflux and those who have doled out this swill, regardless of party affiliation are going to be the ones who are regurgitated out of office.

We the people ask that they stop rushing legislation through before it is read by those who are going to have to pay the bills. We demand that this tyrannical exploitation of the common good which is held by all lawful citizens be stopped.

It is time that Two Dimensional Thinking be replaced with dutiful debate and consideration. We have to stop operating in crisis mode, and survey the entire landscape for the most correct path out of the difficulties we are in. We cannot continue to allow those whose primary consideration remains the retention of their power over us to be the driving force in their thought processes. We the people deserve better.

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