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Freedom is but one of the fruits which blossoms on the boughs of the Liberty Tree. For Duty, Responsibility, Pride, Commitment, Self Reliance, Truth, Determination, Justice and Equality are also there to be harvested for the nourishment of our national body.

Some are a little bitter, others sweet and yet others tart, but none are distasteful. Individually, each could sustain us, but for a long strong endurance, we should eat from all regularly. These fruits are there for the taking, and long as we continue to feed the roots of the tree with our sweat, and blood as so many others before us, we will continue to pick and enjoy its bounty.

But we in many regards have failed to prune, to protect and to preserve this vital source of goodness. We allowed others to be its caretaker, and much of the fruit began to wither on the branches, unpicked, unused and not providing the richness of life. Some has even fallen onto the ground where it has fermented into a bitter wine which some have tasted and grown drunk with power.

We have been fortunate that the tree has not stopped producing, we can be thankful that the gifts it has continued to bear for us have not merely rotted away. I encourage all to seek the tree, pluck from the branches, taste the fruits of Liberty and share them with all you encounter.

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