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100% NAY to Obama Budget
Ryan budget also down in flames

Well, it seems I need to add the Senate Republicans to the naughty Christmas list…. that's assuming this admin will allow us to distribute coal and not ban it as an illegal substance. But someone may want to send a physician up to the Senate chamber and find out if any one in there has a pulse… because there doesn't appear to be a heartbeat, or signs of life, when it comes to addressing serious spending cuts and reform of the entitlement programs.

I'm going to have to throw the Democrats a bone here. At least they were up front in their political reasons for dodging the Medicare bullet, telling the nation they have no plans to commit to budget cuts prior to the POTUS election.

So what's the Republican Senators' excuse? Gee… can't wait to hear it.

Not that I'm a fan of even Ryan's budget, as it falls far short of the austerity we genuinely need and doesn't offer a balanced budget for decades. In fact, not much better than Obama's budget. That, in itself, assumes no additional spending in between to add to the debt and deficit. Good luck with that…. But even a token, half hearted attempt to vote for some workable budget – hang, even vote for two different budgets and force reconciliation – or offer amendments to get us out of the Continuing Resolution gravy train should be in order. Where is the responsibility of these elected officials?

Apparently, there is none.

The House passed Ryan's budget back in April, with only 4 GOP members voting nay. The ol' Grey Ghost brings it to the Senate floor today, along with Obama's budget which every Senator, across the board, rejected. Ryan's budget fared little better, also ending up in ashes on the chamber floor.

Reality is, folks, there is little heart in the Senate, by any party, to address the entitlement programs that are bringing the nation's economy down. Why? Politics… it's always election season in the United States, and no one wants to take a stand. Instead it's nothing but lip service thru the media talking heads, and at fundraisers.

Send the bums home, I say…. otherwise we are fools yet again.

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