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While the people of Joplin struggle with the devastation, President and Mrs Obama take part in an arrival ceremony at Buckingham Palace. They will then have lunch with Her Majesty the Queen. In the mean time the search continues for survivors and bodies in the destruction that was once Joplin.

In between toasts, our president sends his “deepest condolence” and the head of FEMA to straighten out the mess. In the mean time, volunteers pour in to help search the destruction for survivors trapped in the wreckage.

“I want everybody in Joplin, everybody in Missouri, everybody in Minnesota, everybody across the Midwest to know that we are here for you,” the president said Tuesday in London, the second stop on his four-country, six-day tour of Europe.

Oh the Compassion, the president is in Buckingham Palace for the victims. You can’t hardly compare anything to that. People can carry visions of pomp and circumstance among our Elites while stuffing their friends and neighbors in body bags. The citizens are reassured by the president’s mumblings while they race against time in the rain to find loved ones and neighbors.

“The American people are by your side. We’re going to stay there until every home is repaired, until every neighborhood is rebuilt, until every business is back on its feet.”

You’re damn right, the American people are by their side, they aren’t playing footsie with the ally you so unartfully insulted during your presidency.

From the White House Web site Monday,

the president commended the “heroic efforts” of rescue workers and those who are working to help their friends and neighbors. “At my direction, FEMA is working with the affected areas’ state and local officials to support response and recovery efforts, and the federal government stands ready to help our fellow Americans as needed,”

It is so nice that he is directing the rescue efforts from a table with the Queen that he hates at “MY Direction”. In the mean time our self-absorbed president is, oh so careful, to avoid the clouds of the eruption and being so troubled that his vacation plans had to be altered, while the people of Joplin are living in Hell.

“Our hearts go out to the people of Joplin and the surrounding communities affected by last night’s tornadoes,” said Secretary Sebelius. “We are working closely with our state partners and community organizations to provide the support needed to respond to this disaster and in the ongoing flood recovery in the region.”

It is so proper that the president expresses his concern, but would the situation or the recovery be any different if he did nothing. Hell No, the people are responding to the catastrophe while our president chows down on tea and crumpets. It is time to stop with the vacations Mr President: the countries in trouble and your empty expressions of un-heartfelt emotion do nothing to lessen the situation. Your photo-ops may warm the hearts of a few ideologues, but the rest of america is saying “What is wrong with this man?”

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