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I love guns. I love guns so much that I can’t seem to stop buying them. I love shooting them. I love cleaning them. I love kitting them out. I love buying pretty ammo for them. I love guns. My love of shooting is just one reason of the minor reasons I joined the Army in 1994.

It’s funny because whenever we have a range coming up for those that need to qualify on their assigned weapons, a lot of Soldiers complain about having to go. Heck, we only have to qualify once a year for criminy sakes. But, not me! I try to go to every range I know about, regardless of the caliber. Why not? It’s free ammo! The only thing that sucks about it is all the gear I have to wear to qualify.

With that said, I was naturally pissed off at an ignorant article I found in the USA Today quoting the Center for Disease Control’s finding that gun violence occurs more in big cities. REALLY?! Say it ain’t so!!

According to the CDC, 25,423 murders by gunfire took place in the United States in 2006 through 2007 — the years of the most recent available statistics.

Among these deaths, the rate of firearm homicides was higher in inner cities than in other parts of cities and higher than the murder rate of the country as a whole, Dahlberg said. People living in 50 of the largest cities, in fact, accounted for 67% of all firearm homicides.

Our liberal media didn’t seem to notice one important fact into why big cities have higher murder rates – nearly all big cities have strict gun control laws that prevent citizens from being able to defend themselves! Yeah, didn’t see that little tidbit in the story! As a matter of fact, the city with the tightest gun control laws also has the highest number of law enforcement officers killed by guns-yup, Chicago!

When will the gun control crowd actually open their eyes and see the reality of allowing law-abiding Americans to “keep and bear arms?” They can continue living as victims. I’m not saying that everyone or anyone should be required to carry guns. They can go on about their merry lives thinking that when the time comes they can talk their way out of a violent robbery or break-in. I just ask those bad guys to let me know ahead of time when they will target the gunless so I can pull up a grill and a few chairs to watch the show!

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