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When just a kid, spoiled snot still smashing his expensive Christmas toys because they weren’t good enough, watching black and white television, no color around our mansion, variety shows like Ed Sullivan had the spinning dishes act. This improviso’s shtick had six spinning dinner plates each at the end of a pointed stick and his act was to keep them all spinning at the same time. Regardless of the guy’s wild gyratic efforts eventually the dishes started to fall smashing everywhere with loud crashes ending the one minute skit. For many years Canadian governments and politics has been a bunch of spinning dishes with the first and loudest to crash being those far off Canadian Mountie Dudley Doright western provinces. They have the rich riches in energy, precious metals, strategic materials and food grain (fat pigs for great bacon) yet it is they that had been footing the bills paying for the high tea (not Tea Party) formal dress garden party lawn bowling games in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. After prosperous years of self sufficiency the previous liberal governments from 1950, on until now, threw their universal health (s)care scheme at the people saying “Look what we’ve done for you – so unify!” while Canada, as a nation, deteriorated. Canada became the dowager step-sister to the beautiful, “California Dreaming’ USA Cinderella. We would say, “Canada has nice fishing lodges but those people talk through their nose.” They are just like us except for that snooty health care thing which none of them seems to fully understand; “you mean Fido gets a MRI before Fred because Fred has to pay cash for Fido even though Fred is very – very – very sick?”

There is no such thing as Flap Jack or Tinkerbelle Economics, all economic theories and applications take time. In currency trading terms the Canadian Dollar now exceeds par with the US Dollar. The US Dollar, once the pillar of prudence, is over burdened with unsubstantiated debt has thus devalued becoming scrip. Canada once was a real bargain offering C$150.00 in goods and services for a hundred bucks; except, for gold, where there was a mysterious premium trying to purchase a plug of Yukon sunshine from prospectors who refused to give it up for flat cash. Sans fancy university sheepskins those are the ones that charted the future and they are the ones who stand with the new Conservative government in Parliament today. At the beach do you want some leftist-liberal-progressive-brat rich lifeguard concerned more with the depth of his golden-glo suntan or do you want a guy who can swim? What has happened in Canada is they have moved away from the head cases and chosen ability. Fifty years of government entrenchment means generations, families on families, of families ensconced within the bureaucracy each with a vital job function which only he or she can do. These people are prepared for the inevitable shielded by their own unavoidable self importance and will only leave their power base kicking and screaming revenge on all those “retards” who want freedom from high taxes and government imposed privileges.

Strategic materials, if you want tungsten or titanium, nickel or zinc with an added need for aluminum oxide boron just fly to Winnipeg and ask a few questions over coffee, eggs Canadian bacon at the nearest diner. The fella in the next booth probably can supply plenty at reasonable costs including logistics; otherwise, wtf are we wasting precious American (and Canadian) lives and billions in money, we don’t have, ten time zones east in Afghanistan? We are so very-very lucky; Canada is not a prostitute, she is our beautiful wife turning off the lights so come home now and snuggle up. Demagogues propagandize why we fear while Canada tells us “Fear Not!”

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