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Thank god we have the detailed timeline down now:

1. 1/21/09 OB gathers his inner circle and tells them that there is this real bad guy that Bush totally forgot about and didn’t care that he secretly murdered 3,000 people early in Bush’s administration and OB wanted him found ASAP.

2. 2/14.09 OB kicks out Bush incompetent an replaces him with super sleuth Leon Panetta because of his vast experience in espionage and fabulous motivational skills.

3. 2/15/09 OB tells Panetta that I’m 95% confident OBL is in Pakistan, probably somewhere just North of Islamabad in a house with high walls and maybe three stories and two security gates.

4. 2/21/09 OB tells Panetta that he intercepted a call from a guy who is really close to OBL and to drop everything else and totally focus only on him.

And then Obama went golfing.

A little tongue in cheek, but not by much if you have been listening to our MSM.

For a better, and much more detailed timeline of events that lead to the killing of Osama bin-Laden check out this post by Ace: (and whittled down for brevity by Doug Ross)

1. 2003: Enhanced Interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Results in the Nom De Guerre of bin Ladin’s Courier…

2. 2004: Enhanced Interrogation of al-Qahtani Confirms the Nom De Geure of bin Ladin’s Courier…

3. 2006 (?): Enhanced Interrogation of an Al Qaeda Captured in Iraq, Ghul, Produces the Real Name of the Courier…

4. 2006-2009: NSA Begins Furiously Intercepting Any And All Communications Made By Anyone “al-Kuwaiti” Has Ever Known…

5. Late 2010 (?): al-Kuwaiti Places a Very Ill-Advised Phone Call… “[conversing] with someone who was being monitored by U.S. intelligence… the courier [then] unknowingly led authorities to a [bizarre] compound in the northeast Pakistani town of Abbottabad…”

6. 2011: Surveying Abbottabad, We Grow Confident We’ve Found Bin Ladin’s Hideout…

7. April 29-May 1 2011: Obama’s Team Tells Him They Have High Confidence Bin Ladin (or at Least His Most Trusted Courier) is In the Compound, and Obama Agrees, and Orders the Raid; On May 1 It’s Executed By SEAL Team 6…

8. May 2011: Begin a Disinformation Campaign To Convince the Public That 2003-2008 Never Happened…

A dead Osama, whether with guns on him, around him, or no-where near him, is a GREAT thing but the hypocrisy from the left is mind-boggling.

Obama deserves credit, as does Bush. Deal with it, admit it, and move on.


Exit questions (to any lefty’s) if it turns out that the killing of Osama was accomplished with information extracted by waterboarding, as Leon Panetta admitted tonight:

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Are you still ok with the assault and killing of Osama?

And a exit question to one and all, would this killing be called a war crime by the left if Bush was in office?


Rumsfeld nails it:

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