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Napolitano: US-Mexico border is safer than ever

EL PASO (AP) — U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano says security on the southern U.S. border is better than ever and that violence from neighbor Mexico hasn’t spilled over in a serious way.

Brutal Mexican drug gang crosses into U.S.

The signature crimes of the most violent drug cartel in Mexico are its beheading and dismemberment of rival gang members, military personnel, law enforcement officers and public officials, and the random kidnappings and killings of civilians who get caught in its butchery and bloodletting.

But this disparate band of criminals known as Los Zetas is no longer just a concern in Mexico. It has expanded its deadly operations across the southwestern border, establishing footholds and alliances in states from New York to California. Just last year, federal agents tied a cocaine operation in Baltimore to the Zetas.

“Those of us who live and work along the border know they’re already here,” said Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez Jr., whose Texas county lies on the Rio Grande 50 miles southeast of the Zetas’ stronghold of Nuevo Laredo. “There’s already been killings and many residents here are living in fear.”

Within this story there are echoes of past terrible mistakes by the US:

Trained as an elite band of Mexican anti-drug commandos, the Zetas evolved into mercenaries for the infamous Gulf Cartel, bringing a new wave of brutality to Mexico’s escalating drug wars.


Known for mounting the severed heads of their rivals on poles or hanging their dismembered bodies from bridges in cities throughout Mexico,

And there it is:

Sheriff Gonzalez said Middle Eastern terrorists brought the practice of beheading their enemies to Central America and later Mexico.

The Zetas are well armed. One Mexican government seizure in 2008 netted “540 rifles including 288 assault rifles and .50-caliber sniper rifles, 287 hand grenades, 2 M-72 anti-tank weapons, 500,000 rounds of ammunition, 67 ballistic vests and 14 sticks of dynamite.”

It’s good to learn about the people Obama and Holder are arming. The Zetas are setting up operations in the US to take out US law enforcement:

According to an FBI intelligence bulletin, the gang stockpiled weapons in safe houses in the U.S. in response to crackdowns in this country and Mexico against drug traffickers. The bulletin said Jaime Gonzalez Duran, head of Zetas operations for the McAllen, Texas, region, or “plaza,” had ordered gang members to “regain control and engage law enforcement officers if confronted.” It said the gang members were armed with “assault rifles, bullet proof vests and grenades.”

The Zetas are thought to be involved in the killings of many US citizens, including the unarmed Jamie Zapata. We have a curious policy of sending agents into this maelstrom unarmed and another idiotic policy of arming border agents with bean bags.

Bean bags vs. anti-tank weapons. Yikes. If there was ever a time to shut the border down tight, this is it. The problem with problems is that first you have to admit that you have a problem.

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