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Polls are polls, they can be skewed one way or the other based on many factors but the 2012 election is ramping up so I suppose we better start getting set for many, many polls ahead. First one for me, this one from The Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College on a key battleground State, New Hampshire:

New Hampshire has voted Democrat in four of the last five Presidential elections, so it’s no surprise Obama gets more support over a true conservative, but the degree in which Romney beats Obama is kinda surprising. He IS ObamaLite tho…so maybe not THAT surprising:

Of the Republican candidates expected to seek the presidential nomination, only Mitt Romney received a plurality of support. Barack Obama received a majority of the vote in matchups against Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. The Republican who performed best against Obama was Colin Powell. Powell was added to the survey in an effort to test the perceived absence of leadership qualities among the Republican candidates and in President Obama. Despite his advanced age and no mention of any presidential aspirations at this time, New Hampshire registered voters in the sample are clearly enamored with the prospect of a Powell candidacy

Huck is in second place to Romney, in the liberal Northeast of all places, kinda weird and those inflicted with PDS will delight in the results, but come on….it’s New Hampshire. It’s a given that the bluer the state is, the better Romney does.

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