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Great video by Steven Crowder about the liberal attacks on Sarah Palin, specifically the recent Wonkette article attacking her son Trig.

The video is good and he brings up some great points but his article is even better where he points out the hypocrisy in our media today, most especially comedians. Where they were once willing and able to make fun of our Presidents, not so much anymore with Obama:

I’m still waiting for the days where other fellow comedians are willing to take this kind of bold approach to the current administration. I certainly would never condone these kinds of deplorable attacks on the Obama children, but unlike their “assault in flock” patterns on the Palin family, I’ve yet to see comedians even attempt to attack the president’s ideas.

Barack and Michelle are the ones in the White House, so wouldn’t a few digs their way be slightly more, well, relevant?

Ooooh, I get it. That would require the testicular fortitude to step out and take an actual risk. Nevermind. Just keep taking potshots at a one-year-old special needs infant.


And instead of admitting they went over the line when they attacked a child of a conservative leader they instead attacked those of us who are a bit upset with their behavior. When Papa John’s pulled their advertising from the site they then attacked Papa Johns:

I just don’t get these leftists. It’s one thing to criticize Sarah Palin, or any other conservative leader, about their ideas, but it’s quite another to attack their children…especially a special needs child.

Do you think there would have been any outrage from the left if a conservative site had done the same about Obama’s children? You’re damn right, and rightly so. But they don’t have to get mad, because we don’t get that low.

Like I said, I just don’t get the left. If this is indicative of them then I hope I never will.

Oh, btw, after 3 sponsors left the building they finally decided to remove the post and apologized for…wait for it:

“the poor comedic judgment.”

That was supposed to be comedy?

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