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I don’t know how else to describe them. Left wingers are animals. They whine about their rights- their rights to scream, their rights to yell, their rights to harass, their right to demand that everyone else pay to support them. And it is a one way street.

They’re not content to disagree with Sarah Palin. They try to shout her down.


Another fine representative of the left greets Palin


They want you to now that they wipe their a**es with the American flag.


They won’t allow Andrew Breitbart to speak without harassing him, but Breitbart gives as good as he gets.


They racially taunt a black conservative


Another fine member of Wisconsin’s left demonstrates his etiquette and respect for the rights of others as a 14 year old girl speaks.


A Madison fire department has so much money and free time on its hands that it can afford to organize a protest to deny Sarah Palin’s free speech via its official website.

The SEIU held a protest on the front lawn of a Bank of America executive


SEIU goons beat up Kenneth Gladney, another black conservative.


And we have the Sarah Palin death tweets:


They’re not content to be heard. They want you not to be heard. Your rights mean nothing to them. They want you dead.

Krugman says to his base “Let’s not be civil.” When were you ever civil?


H/T Jim Hoft and WZ

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