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John Gibson had a quite interesting show this morning which illustrated the class warfare being waged against those who pay the majority of this country’s taxes. The caller, Howard, built a business up from scratch to a point where he made 3 million a year. He was having to pay 1 million of that in taxes and was sick of it, especially when they now want MORE! So what is he doing?

Moving to another country.


A Vampire government.

Just like a vampire they are never satisfied. They need a way to continue to ramp up entitlements and instead of cutting the out of control spending they instead want to raise taxes.

They won’t cut taxes because we all know the rich are evil right? Nevermind that they employ the majority of this nation. Nevermind that they already pay 97% of all taxes in this country. No, lets raise their taxes again and again and again and force them to pack up those businesses, lay off those employees, and go somewhere where they are appreciated….where they won’t be taxed to death.

Obama supporters called in afterwards to complain that Howard left because, “he makes enough money”

Like this guy…


Who in the hell are they to decide he makes enough money? Who in the hell is the government to decide he makes enough money?

The dream is to become successful, through hard work, ingenuity, and risk taking. Raising taxes will only stifle this dream. Who is going to work hard and take risks to become successful when they know the government will step in and take a majority of what you worked so hard to make?

Oh, and one other thing. There aren’t enough rich people to fix this economy, even if you confiscated every single dime from them (and many of them will be leaving just like Howard). So what will our government do?

Come after you and me next.

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