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The 2012 Obama Presidential re-election campaign is now officially in full swing. It is a shovel ready project.

Shoveling manure.

Obama knows how stupid Democrats are and it is on their stupidity he is depending, for had they any brains or long term memory he would lose in a landslide.

Yesterday brought this amusing news article:

Obama to lay out spending plan

A top White House political and economic adviser says President Obama will lay out new plans this week to reduce the federal deficit.

Obama adviser David Plouffe, speaking Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” says Obama plans to offer ideas for what Plouffe calls “long-term deficit reduction” as Congress begins to debate raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

I know I’ve heard this before….


Obama Targets U.S. Deficit

Starting from a budget deficit that will shatter U.S. peace-time records, President Barack Obama will propose a budget blueprint Thursday that foresees cutting the red ink in half in four years, a senior administration official said Saturday.

Even before passage of his $787 billion stimulus plan, the president’s budget writers foresaw an inherited deficit of $1.3 trillion, equivalent to 9% of the nation’s gross domestic product. With the stimulus and Mr. Obama’s proposed housing rescue, the deficit is likely to be well in excess of $1.5 trillion and possibly as wide as $1.9 trillion, according to private forecasts.

As a side note, consider this:

After unveiling an economic rescue program with a cost likely to exceed a trillion dollars, the president is now eager to emphasize his commitment to fiscal rectitude over the long term. Monday, the White House convenes a summit on fiscal discipline, to begin tackling the burgeoning costs of entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare, address the tax code and look at budget rules to force austerity.

Tackling Social Security? That’ll be the day.

According to Democrats, there’s nothing wrong with Social Security.

Harry Reid tells Republicans to ‘back off’ Social Security

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid drew a line in the sand a long time ago on Social Security, but now that Congress is back in session hammering out a budget, he’s putting extra pomp behind his message to Republicans to “back off” the program.

Even disagrees

Democrats Deny Social Security’s Red Ink

Some senior Democrats are claiming that Social Security does not contribute “one penny” to the federal deficit. That’s not true. The fact is, the federal government had to borrow $37 billion last year to finance Social Security, and will need to borrow more this year. The red ink is projected to total well over half a trillion dollars in the coming decade.

How is Obama going to get anything reformed with that kind of dimwitted talent leading the ranks of Democrats?

Maybe he’ll just lie about it and employ accounting gimmickry:

Barack Obama says White House budget would not add to the debt within a few years

We think the president’s statement is likely to mislead a lot of Americans about what his budget would do. So we rate Obama’s statement False.

It had to be really, really egregious before PolitiFact would find something Obama said false.


Obama to Propose New Plan to Reduce Long-Term Deficits

White House senior adviser David Plouffe said Sunday that President Obama plans to outline a new proposal for bringing down the federal deficit this week.


Plouffe: Obama to speak on long-term deficit reduction

President Obama will give a speech this week that lays out his plan for handling the nation’s fiscal management, White House senior advisor David Plouffe said Sunday.

“Later this week the president is going to speak about his approach to long-term deficit reduction,” Plouffe said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“He’s going to be clear about the type of deficit reduction we need in terms of dollar amounts, over what period of years,” Plouffe said.

Barack Obama has added nearly $4 trillion to the national debt, which stood at $10 trillion when he took office. The CBO has concluded that if Obama and the Democrats continue on the present course, the economy finds Armageddon in 2037. It collapses.

Social Security collapses that year as well.

I have no doubt that Obama will speak about deficit reduction. I have no doubt that he’ll be clear about what is needed. I even believe he’ll sound sincere.

I also know that he won’t mean one single word of it once the election is past. He and Democrat buddies have had three opportunities to do something positive and each time have done the opposite of what they should do. Which is why you’re an idiot to believe anything Barack Obama says.

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