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TRUMP – The analysis begins in earnest as it should. Obama has announced his reelection campaign from the vantage and with the advantage of the bully pulpit. Contenders are lining up as America as America struggles through a long recession, yearning for strong decisive leadership.

Donald Trump has teased the electorate in the past, pretending to seriously consider a run for the White House. This Presidential election finds Republican support for some politically green but very appealing potential candidates. These may well bide their time and wait until 2016 before displaying the audacity to become pretenders to the seat in the Oval Office. Past analysis such as Obama – The First Tell, was helpful in anticipating a President Elect’s road ahead. Trump’s superficial relationship with the voting public has been distorted by its inevitable distance from an unusual celebrity billionaire. Donald Trump has delighted in each moment of attention he has been able to attract by jumping onto the spotlight dot. His reach into our communal consciousness begs a little scrutiny.

• Trump is not ideologically anchored. This moves his appeal factor positively as he will carry little obligation to either political party. He will also present a more refreshing alternative to a public tired of Washington indebtedness to special interests. At the very least, he will be more honest with how he feels, and he will easily be more knowledgeable with on all topics than what we have seen subjected to since the last Presidential election.

• A lack of ideological fervor also makes it more likely that from his perch in the Oval Office he would be a pragmatist. Unlike the embarrassingly far “left” rooted individuals choking the Obama Administration, Trump would most probably pluck the best talent, however it might present itself, wherever he could find it, and in whatever political flavor it might be drenched.

• His insecurities mean his ego can be stroked to get his favor and attention, but he isn’t narcissistic. In Trump’s case the insecurities also suggest that he is driven to succeed.

• Trump will surround himself with experienced talent, and it is unlikely that he will punt important decisions down the road, or to someone else, unlike Obama who is clearly controlled by his handlers and seems ready, willing and able, to have others take care of business. If and when America elects Trump, he will be the President, NOT one of his handlers.

• Trump will not chase the Presidency in order to enable a retirement anxious for newfound opulence and luxury. Trump might be seduced, but he won’t be bought.

• Trump will get into the face of anyone in his administration not delivering the goods whether on the economy, on international affairs, and on national affairs. His ego will not allow for anything to screw up. Trump will be a “task master.”

• He’ll probably try to figure out how to get his name emblazoned over the White House front door. He has a tendency to “brand” everything he touches. One way or another, he’ll want the world to know “Donald Trump was here.” “Destiny” would be his middle name for at least four years.

• Getting elected would not be Trump’s “crowning moment,” . . . the four years of his Presidency would be.

• He may not be as bright as Slick Willy Clinton, however he isn’t as ideologically rooted, therefore his pragmatism will be more effective and he is likely to be more persuasive. Oh, and he will not tarnish the Oval Office the way Slick did.

• He isn’t afraid of hard work, and his track record suggests an interested, inquisitive mind, unlike what we have recognized in the current occupant of the leather chair in the Oval Office.

• Trump likes attention, obviously, but his need to be successful at everything he does, means he’s a workaholic, which would be a welcome change from the reality we have discovered in the incumbent.

• Trump has been in the construction business in New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Chicago where he’s had to have a close and warm working relationship with the mob since the mob controls such minor and unimportant industries as Concrete. Those “guys” are not the easiest crowd in town to deal with. Trump knows how to ”get things done,” and will. When you need a guy, he “knows a guy.”

• Trump cleaned his bankers – got the better of them through his now legendary recoveries from the grim shadows of the poorhouse, again, and again, and again. That took unmitigated brass.

• Trump comes across as a bit of a lecher who could give Slick Willy a run for his money, but that’s just a perception. Slick used other people’s executive jets to take advantage of impressionable young women, and the whole world knew about it except Hillary. Trump has his own plane.

• Love for America? It is impossible to deny that Trump really loves America, and is passionate about its success and leadership in the world.

• Contributions to both political parties? You’re kidding? . . . . Who cares. He bought some support. That’s what Congress is there for, . . . to be bought. The results are obvious and ever present.

• Trump has a long track record of being a leader. America is longing for a leader who can deliver more than long words on a teleprompter saying little and delivering less.

• Genuflection – somehow that is not a picture of a President Trump and any foreign head of state which would be served up by the MSM. Ever. Knocking fists? Perhaps. Genuflection? Not much.

• Trump’s fluid I-speak-my-mind-regardless-who-I’m-talking-to approach would be a refreshing alternative from the daily decantings of unrelenting telepromptered dronings we are served from the White House. Not that Trump’s musing are all intelligent, many are fused in common sense, but at least he’s entertaining when he drives off the road.

Elections are greatly influenced by the state of the economy. Regardless what the Administration, or its supportive pundits pretends, . . . the economy continues to be in serious trouble and will be so through the 2012 election. Additionally, there is no will or clarity in the White House, and not much of it in a majority of Congress to deal head-on with the deficit, or the debt, or job creation. Trump provides an alternative which the poles currently suggest is being seriously considered.

James Raider writes at The Pacific Gate Post

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