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Because that’s all it is.

A truce.

They made a deal late last night to fund the government for another six months, while cutting $38.5 billion, and not defunding the abortion factory, er, Planned Parenthood. So both sides got a bit what of they wanted…which is how negotiations are supposed to work.

Congress narrowly averted a government shutdown late Friday night after Republicans and Democrats reached a last-minute deal on historic spending cuts in the 2011 budget.

Just around midnight, House and Senate approved a six-day “bridge” bill that will keep the government operating while they draft bipartisan legislation to fund the government for the final six months of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30.

…Under the terms of the agreement, the six-month bill will slash $38.5 billion from current spending levels, which is $23 billion less than the reductions Republicans originally demanded but $30 billion more than what Democrats had initially offered to cut.

…House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, agreed to remove the Planned Parenthood provision in exchange for an agreement that would allow Congress to take up the funding issue separately.The Republicans also won inclusion of a provision that will require the Senate to vote on a bill to de-fund the health care reform law.

Another provision won by Republicans would prohibit the District of Columbia from spending local or federal funds on abortion services.

Boehner announced the deal to his rank-and-file late Friday night and received enthusiastic applause, although some Republicans said they opposed the deal because the cuts didn’t equal the $61 billion that the House had already approved but the Democratically controlled Senate had killed.

It appears that the Democrats started to come to their senses when polls showed that the public would blame both sides, not just Republicans, if the government shut down but in the end we got a budget that cut so little of our runaway spending it’s depressing. All this over a percentage of the budget that is miniscule.

But it’s a victory for the Republicans. A small one but a victory nonetheless because if the Democrats had gotten their way there would of been NO cuts along with increases to our taxes….so I’ll take it when we get em.

Next year’s budget is the biggie folks. Ryan’s salvo is the first salvo in the big war, and the Republicans better damn well win big or they will find much of the support that got them elected quickly dissipate.

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